10 Of The Most Riveting 9/11 Conspiracy Theories

Every American alive in 2001 will forever remember the tragic date of September, 11, 2001.This date is set in history as the deadliest foreign terrorist attack on American soil to ever happen. 

Since the attack on the World Trade Center, Pentagon and and unknown target, numerous conspiracy theories have been tossed around.  

While almost all of them have been debunked by more than a few credible source, some have not and almost all of them have their supporters.

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It is claimed that some 50 percent of Americans believe in at least one September 11th conspiracy theory.  To put that in perspective, only 40 percent of Americans believe evidence of aliens, the JFK assassination and global warming are being withheld from the general public.

We will go into further depth soon but here are the 10 most captivating September 11th, 2001 conspiracy theories in a nutshell:

  1. Wall Street insider traders were tipped off about the attacks beforehand.
  2. NORAD - air defense was told to stand down, even though they had ample time to respond.
  3. Planes nor fire caused the Twin Towers to collapse, controlled demolition explosives did.
  4. The Pentagon attack doesn't scientifically check out.
  5. Flight 93, the plane that never made it to its target, was completely fabricated.
  6. The hijackers are still alive, relocated to other countries.
  7. Mobile phone calls were completely staged.
  8. Black boxes were actually found and withheld by authorities.
  9. The Bin Laden videos released in the following days and weeks are not real.
  10. Aluminum planes could not have degraded the steels structure of the Word Trade Center to the point of collapse.


Wall street traders knew about the attacks before they happened

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There is evidence of a lot of trades being made prior to the attacks that would have greatly benefited stock traders.  This was investigated by the SEC and everyone was cleared.


Air defense was told to stand down

For some unknown reason, NORAD generals were told to stand down, even though they had enough time to scramble fighters to thwart the attacks.  This is factual as stated by the generals.  There is no conclusion as to why.  This theory will continue to be debated.


A controlled demolition caused the collapse of the Twin Towers

People escaping the buildings recount hearing explosions long after the planes hit.  Some scientists attest that jet fuel can not get hot enough to cause steel frames to melt.  This is hotly contested as the majority of the scientific community says otherwise.


The Pentagon attack doesn't scientifically add up

Theorists who stand behind this claim say the hole in the Pentagon is significantly larger than any commercial airline could possibly cause.  They also find it interesting that the impact site just so happened to hit a section of the building that was closed due to renovations, sparing many lives.  Why was it not shot down?  It happened quite some time after the WTC was hit?  This debate will continue.


Flight 93 was faked

Skeptics believe that flight 93 actually landed safely and that the passengers are either being kept in quarantine or were murdered.  Personally, I don't see what anyone has to gain from this one.


The hijackers are still alive

Protagonists question why the hijackers' passports, made of paper, just so happened to survive the devastating inferno.  Ridiculous if you ask me.  I assume plenty of passports of passengers were also found.


Cell phone calls were staged

Believers of this theory argue amongst themselves as to the reason why, but they believe that the calls were staged.  One can totally understand why they are arguing over this.  Why? Why? Why?


The black boxes and their discovery were withheld from the public

Conspiracy theorists subscribing to this one think the black boxes were withheld and delayed for some unknown scheme.  I don't give much credo to this one.


The Osama Bin Laden tapes were fake

Theorists point out that initially Bin Laden denied claims to the attacks and apparently reconsidered how it could benefit his cause and changed his mind.   This sounds plausible, but to call the tapes 'fakes' simply makes no sense.


Aluminum planes could not have melted the steel beams

There are experts in the scientific community on both sides of this claim.  Some say the resulting fire could have indeed melted the steel frames while others say it could not have.  This will remain up for debate, but thus far, the experts lean much further toward the fire being capable of melting the steel frames.

It's been 16 years and the conspiracy theories behind the tragic date have not died down.  The theories are sure to live on just as the JFK conspiracy theories have and do.

We may never know what happened, but we can surely use our imaginations to spin things a million different ways until something actually makes sense.

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