Ten arrested for welfare fraud from shady store


Welfare cheating and fraud is a huge business and tax payers hate it!

You have all these bums trying to scheme the system instead of just getting a job and making MORE money by working. Nah, they'd rather try to be smart and cheat the system, but eventually they always get caught.

That's what happened in Harrisburg recently.

10-of those welfare cheats were caught in Harrisburg, Pa committing welfare fraud by using two businesses as a front to sell and distribute unused heroin bags and EBT welfare cards.

The initial investigation led police to Kennedy Fried Chicken on North 6-Street in Harrisburg, and then to two other locations, a 4-star market and a 4G Supermarket, and which uncovered during their initial drug investigation the welfare scam using numerous Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) cards in committing fraudulent transactions.

The state Office of Inspector General charged the following store owners with SNAP trafficking, access device fraud and conspiracy for claim amounts of $13,000 each: Waqas Ahmad and Awais Ahmad, owners of Kennedy Fried Chicken, Saif Ud Din, owner of 4Star, Samina Akther, owner, of 4G, and employee Idris Ali, charged with SNAP trafficking and conspiracy.

Also charged were the following welfare recipients, Christopher Vogt Myers, Taisha Snowden, Zina Foster, Vanessa Orosco and Eugene Diggs, for selling their welfare benefit cards in exchange for cash.

Authorities also discovered that one of the establishments “4-Star Market” was "not fit for human habitation" and was immediately ordered to close and stop all sales of food. Also uncovered in the police raid were over 180,000 baggies used to package an assortment of drugs from crack/cocaine to heroin, with a street value of over $14,000.

Good job guys and gals! Way to rip off the tax payers, run a shady unkempt corner store, and push crack and other hard drugs into your neighborhoods.

True scum.... read more


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