100 women get matching tattoos with republican's quote


Over 100 women spent $75 to get similar tattoos in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The tattoo states a quote from Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, who used the words "nevertheless, she persisted" in shutting down Elizabeth Warren when she continued to break the rules while speaking on the Senate floor against Sen. Jeff Sessions.

Elizabeth Warren was barred from further speaking, rightfully so, because she consistently broke the rules after receiving warnings.

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Over 100 women have tattoed themselves as potentially intolerable and possibly unable to date anyone who doesn't believe in the full blown leftist mentality. If you see a woman with these tattoos, then you may want to steer clear and try not to trigger them into a meltdown. They have a habit of being rabid and screaming when someone has a different opinion. Do not engage in a debate or argument. Even if you're correct, you will be possibly shouted at, punched, or attacked in a way that so very much represents the leftist mentality.

The feminists and leftists are violent lately, so don't bother engaging in anything that's going to end up in them attacking you.

The effort to get the tattoos began as a small charity effort by blogger Nora McInerny, who included her friends in the plan with a Facebook invite. But she did not realize that the message she posted was public, and within a few days nearly 2,000 people had said they were interested in tagging along. 

“Those words remind me of every woman I know who has kept going even though it’s difficult or it might make you unpopular,” McInerny told the newspaper.

“I just thought it was a perfectly beautiful sentiment. Also, I’m incredibly impulsive.” 

Those who were unable to receive the tattoo on Tuesday can make appointments through March at the Brass Knuckle Tattoo Shop. The tattoos cost $75, $55 of which will be donated to the nonprofit Women Winning, a group dedicated to electing pro-abortion rights women to office.

It's funny that the money goes to a pro-baby-murder group. That's really nice of them. I'm sure those babies that don't make it out of the womb alive really appreciate this.

Abortion is OK if you do it right away because your birth control failed or you honestly can't handle it. If you're a rape victim, that's OK. If there's medical complications that endanger the mother, that's OK. If you decide 25 weeks later that you just don't want a baby anymore, and you get an abortion, then you're a disgusting human being.

You CAN put the baby up for adoption. There's so many parents who want children but can't have them.

How can the baby persist if you don't let it?