11 Freaky Things That Could Live In Your Body

The human body is an amazing organism.  It does so much to keep us alive and fight infections and even creating new humans through reproduction. But in some creepy cases, it can also be home to many different gruesome things that would freak you out.  Science is sometimes weird, but it's also true and that's the most interesting and compelling reason to enjoy and share it.

11 Disgusting Things That Could Live In Your Body

11. Squid spermatophores can live in your mouth.

Imagine finding a squid spermatophores in your mouth! This is not something I would want to find in my mouth after eating squid! Euugghhhhh! You can get this from eating squid. It spreads like bugs.

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10. Fly Maggots can live in your ear.

 Imagine going to the doctors and being told that you have fly maggots in your ear. These things can eat your flesh, travel to your brain, and then kill you. If you feel something in your ear, then you may want to check it out. Have a friend look inside. If a fly lands in your ear and lays eggs, then be aware that it will be a LOT of eggs. Not just one. Lots of eggs means lots of maggots!


9. Fully formed dandelion can grow in your ear

 We usually see dandelions in our gardens or out in the countryside. Sometimes young children blow them and send them flowing in the air. But then there's that one person who has one growing out of their ear. Maybe it's not protruding, which is why someone may not notice it, but I suppose if one of those little whisps lands in your inner ear and has proper climate for vegetation, then it might grow on the inside. Weird!

8. Fish can swim up to your bladder

There's only so much "OMFG" I can handle in one day and this story takes the cakes. I'm done. I am so done.

A little, 2 cm (0.8 inch) long fish got into an Indian boy’s penis when he was cleaning his fish tank. According to Professors Vezhaventhan and Jeyaraman, who treated the boy (and later wrote a paper on it), after it entered his urethra, it made it all the way up to the bladder where it had to be surgically removed. 


7. Eels can eat through your anus and swim to your intestine

Who would want one of these slippery things inside of them? I know I wouldn't! But imagine it being in your intestine and we all know there is only one way it can get there, doesn't even bear thinking about! I suppose China is home to the eel lovers as this story makes you want to vomit ten times sideways like the syrup of ipecac scene from Family Guy. No, seriously, bro - what were you thinking? Oh this sounds like a fun time, let me slip this eel in my bum!

a Chinese man put a live, 50 cm (20 inches) long eel right into his anus. Trying desperately to escape, the poor creature chewed through the man´s colon, perforated his large intestine, and became stuck in his body cavity. Doctors managed to remove the eel but the man ended up suffering from severe internal bleeding.

6. Bugs can live on or in your scalp

Imagine having an unbearable itch on your scalp and not knowing what it is. You try washing with different shampoo brands and ointments and your symptoms persist. Then you get your head checked and find out you have botfly maggots living in your scalp. Makes me shudder just thinking about it!


5. Worms can burrow in your brain

Imagine suffering severe headaches and not knowing what causes them. Then you go to a doctor and they tell you that a rare parasite has burrowed into your brain. It's called the Spirometra erinaceieuropaei and it's as scary as you think it is. The thought of having a worm burrow in my brain is horrifying.


4. Parasite worms can live in your eye

Having anything in your eye is painful and annoying.  Imagine having a parasitic worm living in your eye. Not a great place for the worms to live, but they love it. It's like living at the all you can eat buffet when they latch on to a retina. The least they could do is pay rent and buy their own food.


3. Spider in your ear

There is nothing worse than being able to hear and feel something in your ear but not know what it is. Spiders will find shelter anywhere warm and dark, so the human ear is perfect habitat environment. Except the little spiders don't take into account how much this freaks us out when an 8-legged friend crawls in and calls it home.


2. Amoeba in the nose

This is a brain eating amoeba found in warm fresh water sources such as ponds and lakes. Entering your body through your nose it can then migrate to the cranium and eat your brain. This is extremely freaky. 

the “brain-eating amoeba”, naegleria fowleri is a free-living, thermophilic excavate form of protist found in warm fresh water such as ponds, lakes, rivers, and hot springs. In humans, the amoeba enters the central nervous system through the nose, from where it migrates to the cranium and eventually to brain. Once there, it starts eating the brain cells, causing primary amoebic meningoencephalitis, a disease with a fatality rate of greater than 95%.

1. Your own twin can grow inside of you

Imagine finding out your own twin is inside your body eating off you to stay alive. This could be the craziest thing to live inside of you but it is fully possible. You could literally have a parasitic twin surviving inside of your body.

In June 1999 Sanju Bhagat discovered that his abnormally sized belly was not due to a lack of an exercise routine, but rather his twin parasitically living off of him. The horrifying operation involved removing this half formed creature which had even developed hands and feet.

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