105,000 sign White House petition to remove Rashida Tlaib from office

She thought she was cool calling for Trump to be impeached and calling him a motherf-cker. Now she has an official White House petition with over 105,000 signatures asking for her to be removed from her new position as a Congresswoman. The petition is on the White House website and says the following:

"The removal of Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) from office, do to inappropriate and unstable actions becoming of a congresswoman.

Created by R.L. on January 04, 2019

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Do to Rashida Tlaib actions and profanity, she is unfit to be a congresswoman. Her rude display and lack of respect for our sitting President was uncalled for. Her immediate removal from her seat is just and warranted. Do to her hatred towards our president, I feel she is a national security threat."

This is clearly not going to be taken serious by anyone in the White House. However, it's just funny that someone started a petition with a paragraph worth of text and was able to get 105,000 people to sign it. That right there is impressive!

Now to be serious - if you're offended that someone said motherf-cker, then you're a snowflake.

Anyone offended by her calling the president a motherf-cker is a snowflake and should be ashamed of themselves for being offended.

We are better than this. We do not let mere words insult our intelligence or emotion.

We do not let words offend us.

I don't care what she calls the president and I don't think Trump cares either.

There are better things to talk about such as her politics and the fact that she was once arrested.

Who cares if she has a bad mouth, not me.

I care if she has bad politics and it messes up the country.

That's more important, so let's stick to what matters.

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