Weird Food Guy Tries Eating 16 Cheesesteaks in One Day

What would a food guy do if he had a whole day to spend in Philadelphia? The first thing some people would think about was eating a cheesesteak. This weird food guy decided that he was going to eat 16 cheesesteaks in 12 hours.

Alex Delany is a YouTube star after he posted his adventures eating cheesesteaks at some of Philadelphia's most famous cheesesteak eateries. As a web editor for Bon Appétit, he set out on his adventure by going to Pat's and then to Geno's, two longtime competitors across the street from each other who have been featured on television for their rivalry.

What was he looking for in the perfect cheesesteak? Of course, it starts with a thinly sliced ribeye. It can be served in three ways, chopped finely, chopped into thin ribbons, or left intact as a large piece. For Alex, his preference was for the thin ribbons of ribeye.

Next on the sandwich, cheese whiz and onions. You could ask for Provolone or American cheese, but cheese whiz keeps the sandwich together perfectly with grilled onions hugging every corner. All of these ingredients go on an Italian roll to hold it all together.

So how can someone consume 16 cheesesteak sandwiches in 12 hours? Very carefully. Less than an hour to order, eat and get to the next restaurant. Keeping his body in motion might be the only way for him to consume this much meat and cheese in one day. Probably need to unbutton his pants. Might need to find a bigger shirt or at least a clean one. No amount of napkins can keep you clean when eating this many cheesesteaks. The best idea would be to only take a couple of bites from some of the sandwiches that weren't up to expectations. 

After the day was over, Mr. Delany had visited 16 different cheesesteak restaurants: Campo’s, Jim’s, Woodrow’s, Lorenzo’s, Dalessandro’s, Pat’s, John’s Roast Pork, Geno’s, Tony Luke’s, Gooey Looie’s, Shank’s, Sonny’s, Wiz Kid, Ralph and Rickey’s, Philips, and Chubby’s. From this long list of popular eateries, his favorite for the day was Tony Luke’s.

Visitors, vacationers, and locals all have their favorites when they are eating a cheesesteak in Philadelphia. It is the place to go when you want to have an authentic Philly cheesesteak.  While Alex completed his artery-clogging challenge, arguments about which cheesesteak is the best will never end. The one bit of advice after watching this challenge, don't try this at home, as you'll probably get sick!

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