17 people lost their lives in Parkland when Nikolas Cruz committed a mass shooting at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14, 2018. The people range from students to coaches, and they were all doing what they do on a typical school day. Some were at work. Some were in class. Everyone was doing what they were supposed to be doing when they were alerted about the school shooter. The shots rang out, people scrambled, and innocent blood was spilled like broken faucets running continuously until dry.

Leftists called for gun control. Right wingers called for mental health checks. Meanwhile, 17 people were fighting for their lives while everyone bickered about how to fix the problem. The biggest problem is that no one can ever compromise and we will see more school shootings and more mental health and severe trauma issues.

Saying we need gun control is a cop-out. Assuming it's mental illness accomplishes nothing. The real truth hides in the minds and lives of the people who fall so low in their life that the only way they can get attention is by committing mass acts of terror and shootings. What happened to this young man that made him so evil that he felt it was his life calling to murder 17 people and hope to kill more?

Do politics blind us so badly that all we can say is "gun control" and "mental illness" but continuously forget to dig deeper into the root of the evil?

Was he abused? Bullied? Tortured for years as a child? You can imagine having a bad day without your coffee once in a while, but what causes someone to have such a bad day that they wake up and murder 17 people in a matter of minutes? This wasn't a bad day, this was an accumulation of bad days that broke this person so badly they wanted to murder people while accomplishing nothing. They didn't care if they were shot or get the death penalty. They fell so far deep that it was impossible for them to come back to reality. They were at a stage of such dark anger, depression, and horror that they didn't care about their own lives or the 17 people they ruthlessly murdered for no reason.

But don't worry. You can watch everyone fight in the political realm and accomplish absolutely nothing. Or, you can realize that politicians are useless and the government won't ever solve the gun debate. It's the calling of the American people to fix this issue.

Americans need to think very long and hard about what causes this type of shooting. Why does it happen?

Don't think about how it happens - think about why it happens and what we can do to prevent the next mass shooting.

It's time for American people to change their mindset and be more cautious about who has access to a gun. We need some form of gun control, but we also need to dive into the mental health services. A compromise that helps both subjects face a better future is what will point us in the right direction.

Things need to change. If that means making it harder to get a gun, then, by all means, do it. If that means requiring people to take a mental health screening before purchasing firearms, and then making them wait a month - then do it. If that says law enforcement must investigate every gun owner, then do it. Do whatever it takes to keep the guns away from the bad guys while still allowing the good law-abiding citizens to bear arms after successfully going through the proper protocol. Think about this - why is it easier to buy an AR-15 in Florida? Why is it harder to buy a handgun? The shooter might have only killed seven people if he used pistols. Sure, they're both semi-automatic, but stopping to reload for 20 seconds could have allowed people time to run or hide and save a few lives. There must be a compromise where both sides give a little bit in hopes to keep Americans safe.

We don't need a crazy change one way or the other, but some form of compromise and working together may finally get us all on the same page. We don't need all guns confiscated because that would spark a civil war anyway. We don't need every mental health patient locked up in an asylum, but guns and people suffering from trauma/ psychological illness certainly do not mix.

People who wish to harm will find a way. It doesn't matter if it's sarin gas, explosives, or a semi-automatic weapon. Evil within people will come out one way or another. Maybe if we identify the evil, then we can work it out in other ways without watching a mass shooting on social media and television.

Until then, there will be more shootings and massacres, and we will send thoughts and prayers for a few days and then act like it didn't ever happen. A few days will go by, and people will go back to their usual routine, and that's just how it is. That's what needs to change.

If you want to see another 17 victims, then sit around doing nothing. Sit on Facebook all day sending thoughts and prayers instead having an open and meaningful conversation with people who can make a difference.

Thoughts and prayers don't mean anything to the 17 people who just got murdered, but if you'd like to meet them, then here they are.

Alyssa Alhadeff, 14, soccer player

Scott Beigel, a geography teacher

Martin Duque, a quiet and funny freshman

Nicholas Dworet, a senior swimmer

Aaron Feis, a football coach, shot several times when he protected students

Jamie Guttenberg, beloved sister and daughter

Chris Hixon, athletic director

Luke Hoyer, 15, overall good kid, grandma loved him

Cara Loughran, student, awesome neighbor

Gina Montalto, freshman on winter guard team

Joaquin Oliver, immigrant from Venezuela who just gained citizenship

Alaina Petty, JROTC and avid church volunteer

Meadow Pollack, senior, on her way to college

Helena Ramsay, 17, brilliant and motivated in her studies

Alex Schachter, freshman, marching band student

Carmen Schentrup, National Merit Scholar Semifinalist

Peter Wang, 15, ROTC, held door open so other students could escape

The diversity on the list of victims is overwhelming. So many young and bright future stars lost. Several adult leaders lost.

No more thoughts and prayers are needed.

We need action and compromise to make America safe again.

How will you help?

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