18-year-old accused of RAPE only gets PROBATION


Bill Cosby drugged women, still walking around half blind like it's nothing. Brock Turner took a girl behind a dumpster and got six months. David Beckett put fingers where they don't belong and gets probation.

David Becker charged with rape

ABC News - David Becker, of East Longmeadow, Massachusetts, was charged with two counts of rape and one count of indecent assault and battery, according to court documents, after an April 2 incident in which he was accused of digitally penetrating two girls who were sleeping in a bed after a house party. Becker and the alleged victims, who are not being identified, were all seniors. As a part of his probation, Becker must remain drug- and alcohol-free and not contact the victims, the court documents state. He also has to undergo an evaluation for sex offender treatment, according to the Hampden District Attorney?s Office.

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For one, I know those girls weren't "sleeping" like a normal sleep. They were passed out after partying. How can a person put their fingers inside you if you're not KNOCKED OUT cold? The only time you "sleep" while being penetrated is if you actually like it and you have some weird fantasy about people breaking in and taking your virginity, then riding away on a unicorn. Wait, hang on, that's my fantasy. Sorry....anyway.... Think about it. If you were sleeping right now and someone put a finger in you, would you notice? Anywhere on your body. Ear, back there, up front, mouth, nose? Would you notice? YES YOU WOULD! If you were tanked on a bottle of Fireball and only in high school, passed out in the nearest bedroom at an all night rager and someone put their finger in you, would you notice? Maybe not. I woke up in the front seat of a pick up truck once.

Wrong house and didn't know whose truck it was. Urinated and vomited all over myself in the passenger seat of a strangers truck. I could've been penetrated and dumped in the truck. Still to this day, several years later, I have NO IDEA what happened that night or how I got there. I could've been Pill Cosby'ed. Those girls were OUT COLD and thank goodness this guy had the decency to leave the victim in a bed and NOT take it any further. It would be a disaster if he took them behind a dumpster like Brock Turner.

This is my take on the story.

They were all partying. The girl passed out. The guy was in there with her and he was too inebriated to grasp the concept that maybe she should be awake. Or maybe she was making noises in her sleep. I don't know if they were hooking up all night. Was she participating and fell asleep during the act? Or was he literally a disgusting SLEEP CREEP?

Any of those situations would be grounds for exploration during trial and each side must prove to a jury what happened or didn't happen. I believe he took a plea deal on this, so that admits guilt and lowers the sentence. I don't know if we will ever know the full true story because apparently the girl was sleeping. How would she know what happened if she wasn't coherent? And if he was way above legal alcohol limit, then I don't know if he could really make a good decision either. It goes both ways.

People are MAJORLY outraged that he isn't in jail for life. Well, that's because he shouldn't be. I think part of the deal was that he didn't go to prison and if the prosecution accepts that deal, that means that they may not be able to actually prove he did anything. It also suggests that the client IS guilty I'm not saying this isn't bad, because it is, but be glad it's not worse. Should the guy get more than probation for this? He should be the one who gets six months. Brock Turner should've received a few years. His crime was violent and disgusting. David Beckett made a huge mistake and his name is possibly tarnished forever.

That's a punishment in itself.

Should he be in jail?

Sure, a six month sentence would be fine for this.

If there was penal penetration, then I believe it should get a few years. The severity of this crime isn't that high. It's appalling behavior for sure, but I don't know if "fingering" someone who he may have had a connection with is something that receives years in prison. He won't be able to walk down the street without someone calling him a rapist. That's not going to be a good life to live through. If he violates his probation, then he might have to register as a sex offender. If I was the judge, then I'd give him six months in jail and four years probation. Brock Turner should've received a few years in jail. His crime was violent and repulsive.

At least David Beckett admit his guilt and didn't drag some helpless girl behind a dumpster like she wasn't human.