1FM: Philly band crushes charts and releases new video

Times have changed, but the music remains

Nick Passio and Joe Altomari are no strangers to success. Both come from wonderfully crafted rock and alternative music backgrounds. They were both teammates in old musical ventures with famous Philly bands Blue Collar and Victory in Numbers. Each time they performed live, they rocked stages everywhere. They gave people the most amazing shows you could imagine. But times and bands change. The members of Victory in Numbers went in their own directions, but kept their music talents rocking on a new journey. Guitarist Brian Hannon joined cool country band Philbilly. They tour popular locations in Atlantic City, Philadelphia, and world famous Bottle and Cork at Dewey Beach. 1fm band  

1FM - the new alternative music you need to hear

Nick and Joe teamed up with Tim Laigaie, D.j.?Adalie?Kirk, and Danny?Kirk. They formed a new Philly rock/alternative band called 1FM. The results are amazing. They slice you up with cutting edge sounds, hard hitting beats, and vocal assortment of memorable and deeply meaningful lyrics. If you mixed Taking Back Sunday with 30 Seconds to Mars and a little bit of Foo Fighters, then you'd have 1FM. 1FM's lyrics are sincerely written and compliment an extremely professional and well orchestrated sound. Pair that with their high energy live performance and you have the ingredients of a band on the brink of a world tour. 1FM ranks #1 in Philadelphia alternative music charts at independent music website ReverbNation. 1FM's new video for the song "Wish You Well" is beautifully produced by Bruce Wiegner and plays seriously strong on YouTube.

They're just normal guys

The members of 1FM are family guys who work "day" jobs and dedicate time to write, produce, and perform a refreshing unique sound that captivates an audience. They're a blessing to your ears with pure music from the heart. 1FM mesmerizes with their delivery in person and through your speakers. They're ready for a major label. I wish them well.