1st Grader Sent To Principal for Misgendering Another Student

A first grade girl at a California charter school, Rocklin Academy was sent to the principal's office after she called a boy she knew from the previous year by his name. This is normally fine, except the boy transitioned over summer and she had no idea. She learned the hard way that calling him by his original name was misgendering harassment.  This incident is called a 'pronoun mishap' and has caused the first grader, who made an honest mistake, to get in trouble.

Rocklin Academy was in a controversial spotlight before when a kindergarten teacher held a classroom discussion on transgenderism that included a dramatic 'gender reveal' for a little boy who was transitioning to a girl.

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Parents were in a fury because they were not informed in advance of the lesson and had no choice to opt out. Most parents don't want their five-year-old children in the classroom for such a ridiculous transgender lesson.  School authorities retorted that that the lesson was imperative and they were not allowed to opt their kids out and that the state did not require them to tell parents beforehand regardless.

The 'pronoun mishap' happened during the firs week of school on the school's playground that is shared by all students. The girl called him by his name, not knowing he magically turned into a girl, and that's why she's in trouble. The transitioned 'person' reported the encounter to staff which prompted the girl to be called out of her class and sent to the principal's office.

There is a public policy group called Capitol Resource Institute based in California that specialized in strengthening families and they work closely with the families of Rocklin Academy on LGBT agendas being forced upon their children.

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A source within Rocklin Academy said the first grader was investigated by the administration and it was deemed that no punishment or reprimand was necessary as they concluded it was an honest mistake.  Nevertheless, the damage was done to the first grader. Being pulled out of class and sent to the principal's office was humiliating for her.

The first grader cried when she got home from school as she was explaining to her mother what happened that day.  The mother quickly called the school principal to learn the exact details.  She was informed that whenever things like 'pronoun mishaps' occur, the school is obligated to conduct further investigation.

The mother wrote a letter to the school which made some valid points such as protecting the rights of transgender children, but her children also had rights that should not be violated.  She noted that it made her sad to know how her child was treated when she was being nice to the other kid.

England said Alliance Defending Freedom, a nationally-known religious liberty law firm, is currently investigating the playground incident as well as the classroom lesson on gender identity. 

“Our focus is on ensuring that every student’s privacy is protected and that parental rights, including the right to be notified that before children are exposed to gender identity teaching, are respected by the school officials,” an ADF spokesman told me. 

Former President Obama enacted a revised transgender plan, in 2016, which recommended that parents be secretly excluded from any decisive roles when it comes to their children experimenting with sexual 'gender identities' according to Breitbart News' reporter Neil Munro.

What's happening at Rocklin Academy is just one example of how schools have become starting points for indoctrination of the LGBT agenda at the tender age of five, which is clearly disturbing.

Transgenderism should not be normalized in children of such young ages.

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