An Air Force veteran started a GoFundMe for Trump's border wall and raised over $18 million in donations so far. Someone has also erected a billboard in hopes to spread the word, but it's unclear where this billboard is and who paid for it. The USAF veteran, Brian Kolfage, has posted on Twitter that "Americans are putting their money where their mouth is. A man donated over 2000 billboards across the southern US. #GofundTheWall" but no further details were shared about who donated and where the billboards will exactly be located.

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The message included one photograph of a billboard that is in the featured picture above.

Regarding the GoFundMe fundraiser, there has been exactly $18,575,811 raised at the time of this article. The donations come from 306,835 donors in 15 days.

It's unclear if they will ever reach the goal of $1 billion. $18 million in two weeks is a major accomplishment, but that amount is not very close to the full goal of $1 billion. However, it has only been two weeks during the Christmas and New Year holiday. Donations could potentially pick up during non-holiday times. Or the opposite could occur and the crowdfunding could slow down as most GoFundMe pages see a natural decline in donations over time.

Brian Kolfage was featured on Lou Dobbs' show on Fox News.