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2 guys busted trying to get alligator drunk

Even though alligators are listed among the most dangerous species in the world, a man from Hobe Sound and his friend were arrested for trying to get one of them drunk. As police reports say, after his friend caught the animal, he poured beer inside the reptile's mouth. Both Timothy Kepke, 27, and Noah Osbourne, 22, were taken behind bars on October 3 and charged with kidnapping an alligator.

It all begun in August when local wildlife conservation commission got a report that Kepke has captured an alligator and is provoking him to bite his right forearm. He also poured beer in the animal's mouth, trying to get it drunk. Alligator's reaction to alcohol was aggressive, and this cruel act was filmed and shared online. Police visited Kepke's home on September 17, and he admitted that he was the person in the clip. He told the police that Osbourne was the one who caught the animal and that he did it with his bare hands. Kepke also admitted that he was enticing the animal to bite him and tried to make him drink beer.

What the police didn't find was the alligator. As Kepke explained, after they filmed the video, they released the animal and have no idea where it is now. He also claimed that he had a few beers that day, but wasn't drunk at the moment of the incident. Kepke told the officers that his female friend was also present, and she later confirmed his story. Both Kepke and Osbourne were arrest with 5000 and 2500 dollars bonds, respectively. They were both released the same day.

Alligator hunting season in Florida runs from August 15 to November 1, but the hunters are forced to follow strict rules and are controlled by local lawmakers.

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