24 Hour Downtime for Destiny 2 before Shadowkeep

If you have tried to log in to Destiny 2 today from around 6 pm EDT you will have noticed that you are not able to log in. The error that Destiny 2 players are receiving when they load up Destiny 2 has got many worried that there may be something wrong with their install, however, that is not the case and the downtime message you are receiving is all normal.

Bungie has taken the Destiny 2 servers offline and they will keep them offline for the next 24 hours prior to the release of Shadowkeep, New Light and the game going free to play. All servers will come back online on 1st October 2019 at reset time which will bring the launch of Shadowkeep with it.

This may be a perfect time for all Guardians to grab that much-needed rest before the grind continues, once Shadowkeep is released we can bet the grind will be bigger than ever before! 

How excited are you for Shadowkeep and what will you do whilst the Destiny 2 servers are down?

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