30,000 people sign petition claiming dictionary is sexist

Some chick started a petition on Change.org to 'Change Oxford Dictionary’s Sexist Definition of ‘Woman.' If you needed anymore proof that people have gone completely stupid, then this is it!

The lady's name is Maria Beatrice Giovanardi and it seems like she got mad when she noticed other words showing up in a search that were used in regards to women, or basically anyone really. 

Some of the words are pretty funny too, like mare, baggage, wench, petticoat, and biddy. Others, the more normal ones, like bitch and piece, were not as funny because they're used a lot in movies or Internet slang.

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The funniest part is that this windbag got so mad about this that she started a petition, getting almost 30,000 signatures from morons along the way.

Her reasoning?

“I was like, 'What’s going on? Why are these the synonyms?,” Giovanardi, 28, told “Good Morning America.” “I don’t see myself like this as a woman.
“My girlfriends don’t speak like this so it’s a man’s point of view,” she recalled thinking.

Absolute crap. Women talk like this all the time. Just watch an episode of Real Housewives and you'll see it. Just because this wench don't talk like that, doesn't mean others don't. And trust me, women most likely use these words way more then guys do. In fact, my girls who are friends say things like bitch and slop while my guys who are friends just say "chick" or "girl."

So here she goes setting up a petition like anyone cares.

As Giovanardi looked further into it, she saw more examples of what she described as sexist language, including using sentences like these as examples alongside the definition of women: "‘One of his sophisticated London women"; "Don't be daft, woman!": and "he wondered whether Billy had his woman with him."
"If you look up 'man' you see sentences of what men can be doing as individuals, while with women you see sentences of women as an oppressed group, not as individuals," she said. "Their goal is to portray language but this has a very judgmental bias."

Oh there we go. It's judgemental bias and sexist! Or maybe it's just a dictionary showing people how words are used, which is pretty much the job of a dictionary.

I hope she's not really this stupid in real life and this was nothing more than a way to get her name in the media. If she really believes this, then she really is a desperate bitch.

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