3 Reasons NBA Playoffs Are A Huge Waste Of Time

The NBA playoffs used to be one of the greatest sports playoffs to watch, but now it's a huge waste of time. The competition is lopsided and the playoffs are taking forever. The same two super-teams are in the NBA Finals for the third time in a row and no one expected anyone else to be there. With the Warriors and Cavaliers going 12-1 to finally get to each other in the Finals, it was like the other teams laid the red carpet out for Steph Curry and Lebron James to walk down and meet each other with their super-team behind them.

This has been the most boring NBA Playoffs I've ever seen and it's only going to get worse in the future.

Here's my top three reasons that the 2017 NBA Playoffs are a waste of time.

The Playoffs take too long.

Game one of the NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers was on June 1st in Golden State. The next game is on June 4th in Golden State. Why are we waiting several days between games that are in the same city? These guys play an entire season doing back to back games. You want to give them one night to rest, then that's fine. But they don't need 2-3 days rest. The NBA playoffs have been going on since April. Let's get this over with already. Why do basketball playoffs need to be this long? These guys can't play two games in a row anymore? Why are we waiting several days when the teams aren't traveling? What are they doing, having practice? They've been practicing all year. I don't think they need an extra few days in between playoff games. This is dragging things out for no reason.

Playoffs are boring because the NBA is not competitive.

Did anyone expect any other teams to be in the NBA Finals? I didn't. Once you saw them going undefeated in the first round, then second, then all the way to the Finals (except for Cavs one loss to Boston) - you had no reason to believe any other team would ever get to the finals. It's almost like the entire season was scripted to get the Warriors and Cavs to the finals. It's boring because there's no excitement whatsoever. It's like we're watching teams go through the motions to get the two super-teams to the Finals and finally end the season. Super-teams are fun to watch in the Olympics, but not in the NBA. We need teams to be more evenly balanced so there's always an element of competitiveness to watch and nothing will be expected.

Why do the other teams even show up? Nothing but sweeps and blowouts this year. What's the point of watching or playing? Just send the Warriors and Cavs right to game seven and get it over with. Steph Curry hits a game winner in game four or game seven. Called it here because that's what will happen. They will make this a blowout or drag this down to the very last game.

four of the 10 playoff series have ended in sweeps. 

Also, the blowouts. There have been a ton. To be exact, an astounding 30 percent of this year’s postseason games (19 out of 62) have ended with one team winning by 15 points or more.

Still, it’s one thing for stacked powerhouses like the Cavaliers and Warriors to be running circles around the competition.

“That’s just unbalanced talent,” one Eastern Conference assistant coach told Bleacher Report when asked for a theory behind this recent stretch of lopsided victories.

NBA lacks nasty rivalries due to political correctness.

Where's the fire and nastiness that used to exist in the old NBA where people hated each other and talked trash like it was their number one skill? The NBA used to mean something. It was where the worlds top ballers would throw everything they have on the court, every night, and literally battle with their enemy on the wood. Nowadays it's all about Tweets and casually playing a few games. It's boring. We want fist fights, trash talking, and aggressive play. We want blood! People can't talk trash or play hard without getting fined and ejected. It reminds me of the NFL and how the IDIOT Roger Goodell made a horrible rule that grown men can't celebrate when they score a touchdown on the biggest platform on the planet. Roger Goodell is a horrible commissioner and the NBA has gone in the same direction.

The NBA needs a huge change if they want to relinquish the greatness they once had. This is the least fun NBA Playoffs I have ever seen. It has been boring and pointless filled with lopsided and non-competitive victories.

How can the NBA fix this?

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