3-Week-Old Baby Dies After Being Left Alone With Three Pit Bulls

A three week old baby was mauled and killed when left alone with three pit bulls. The infant was with the violent dogs for only a few moments and that was all it took for one of them to bite into her head and end the life of an innocent child.

The Pit bulls have been embarrassing their owners for quite a while, but this is the worst incident of all.  The family had a beautiful baby girl just three weeks old, but now that child is gone from their fatal mistake of owning three pit bulls.

The adults walked outside on the porch for five minutes and that's when one of the pit bulls viciously mauled the baby's body and head.


A family member returned to the baby only to find her in covered in blood with a huge bite on her head. She was taken to the hospital and underwent a surgery. The baby girl had huge bite on her head and could not survive the vicious attack. The dog bites caused the painful death of the infant.

One of the dogs were found with blood all around his mouth. This is the horrible dog that aggressively killed her for no reason. What reason could a dog possibly have to kill an innocent little girl except from simply being an aggressive animal in nature and one that should not be owned or considered a domesticated animal. Pit bulls are savages with too much strength and a huge lack of control. Sure, there's plenty of good ones, but that does not make it worth owning. When people are mauled by this horrible dog, that's when it's time to give up on them and start putting them down. We cannot allow this to take the lives of innocent babies. Then again, is it the dog's fault or the owner's fault? Maybe in this case it's the lack of proper obedience and care. Maybe the owners should be euthanized as well. They should not have placed a child anywhere near these rabid dogs and they should not have raised them so poorly.

Euthanize the owners and the dogs, that will teach them a lesson!


Susannah Jean Murray was left alone in a bouncy for five minutes inside of her Michigan home when one of the dogs attacked her, according to authorities. When an adult returned to check on the girl, she’d suffered severe injuries, including a bite to her head, which authorities said is what killed her. One of the family’s pit bulls was then found with blood on its mouth, reports said.

Susannah was taken to the hospital and underwent surgery but she died hours later, according to reports.

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Residents who lived in the Grand Rapids neighborhood told the Detroit Free Press that the dogs were a dangerous nuisance, calling them “mean and vicious.” “I’d be scared, because when the dogs get out the fence, they used to chase us,” Hawa Abdi told the paper.

The dogs have been quarantined and no one has been arrested yet.These cruel dogs must not be allowed to stay or roam in the neighborhood, as the kids inside and outside the house will be in danger of being attacked. These dogs must be euthanized as soon as possible. 

This is not the first time that I have heard about a pit bulls attacking an innocent person. A few days ago, I heard about another horrifying incident when two miniature horses were killed by a pet pit bull. Those innocent miniature horses were comforting the survivors of Sandy hook incident. I felt heartbroken and thought this is the worst pit bull attack incident I can come across. But I was wrong. This is much worse.

The family has lost their baby girl and they will live with that horror forever. They are going through a huge loss, but it is 100% their own fault and irresponsible actions that caused this tragic loss. Everyone knows pit bulls are unpredictable and violent beasts. They should have been more cautious, because leaving an infant with their aggressive pit bull is a terrible idea. It almost makes you wonder if they did it on purpose.

People must be aware of this incident and be more cautious for the safety of the kids around their pets. This type of aggressive behavior is especially seen from the pit bulls. 

Leaving your baby with pit bulls means the owners should be charged with a crime and found guilty for this incident.

“The breed of a pit bull, by itself, is not enough to condemn it; any dog can bite. This serves as a critical reminder to never leave a child unattended around a dog,” Grand Rapids Police Department spokesman Sgt. Terry Dixon said.

Infants are fragile, sensitive, and deserve special care and attention. Putting them in a home with violent animals is risking their lives, no matter how well trained the animal is.

The family knew that their three pit bulls were aggressive dogs and leaving them in the room alone, with an infant, sounds intentionally stupid.

Anyone who risks their baby's life in the presence of such a violent and unpredictable dog is just asking for trouble.

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