5 Brainteasers To Leave You Scratching Your Head

Brain teasers are a fun way to see how observant you are. Can you solve these brain teasers in ten seconds? If not, that's OK. Most people don't figure them out in under ten seconds. You really have to look hard at some of them. Post a comment when you solve the brain teasers, then share this on social media to see if your friends can get it too.


Can you find the dancer in the flamingos?

There's a little lady dancer hiding among the pink birds.Good luck!

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Can you find the hidden squirrel on the lion?

Two animals that are very different in size, but somehow come together to trick you. Do you see Mr. Squirrel?


Only three of these rabbits are the same. Can you spot them?

This might remind you of old wallpaper, but it's more than that! Three of these little bunnies are exactly the same and the rest are all different. Can you find the three rabbits that are the same?


What number parking spot is the car in?

This is rumored to be a test given to 6-year-olds in China. Apparently most of the kids get the answer correct. If you can't figure this out, then you might have to go back to first grade! Are you smarter than a first grader?


What is wrong with this picture? Find it in ten seconds or less!

There is something very strange about this picture. Look hard because you only have 10 seconds to figure it out! If you don't get it, then try again. Send it to a friend and see if they can figure it out!


Remember to write comments and send this to your friends. Which one of your friends can get them all correct? If you figured it out, then tell us how in the comments! Enjoy and share!

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