5 NFL Quarterbacks Who Should Be Replaced With Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick is still an NFL free agent. The former 49ers quarterback hasn’t found a team willing to sign him. If he has found a team, then perhaps he turned it down because the salary wasn’t what he expected. Lots of people say Kaepernick doesn’t have a job because he disrespected the American flag when he kneeled for the National Anthem. People who are all about America have every right to be upset about that. It’s their freedom to form their opinions or react accordingly.

Colin Kaepernick also has the right to protest anything he wishes. It’s his right and freedom as a fellow American to do so. Some team owners may not want to sign Kaepernick because they fear he comes with baggage that might be heavily disliked by the fans. As we know, the fans are the true boss. If the fans don’t show up, then the owners lose money and we all know how that goes right? Our old millionaires up stairs in the owner’s booth can’t possibly lose a few bucks, can they?

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Owners may be reluctant to sign Kaepernick because they’re scared of the outrage from NFL fans. If there’s one thing I know, it’s this - for every fan who boycotts the NFL and stops going to games, there’s 100 more people waiting in line to buy their tickets. The games are going to sell out no matter what. If there’s another thing I know for certain, then it’s this: NFL players who put up great stats and play well on the field can get away with any crime or protest they want.

Look how many CRIMINALS are employed by the NFL and people don’t care. Fans cheered when Mike Vick beat the NY Giants all on his own. Josh Brown is a fantasy legend if he can ever get on the field. Ray Lewis was involved in a murder trial and people praise him like he’s the best linebacker there ever was. Roethlisberger was once labeled as an alleged rapist, but I believe he wasn’t prosecuted and it was thrown out. The point is that lots of NFL players do stupid things and they’re all overlooked because the player does well on the field. If Colin Kaepernick had a stellar year, then we wouldn’t even have this conversation. He’d be signed to a team. Heck, if he went to the Super Bowl again, then I can guarantee you that none of the fans would have batted an eyelash if he sat for every single National Anthem. Sports fans are a bit two-faced when it comes to athletes actions and the fact that people cheered for criminals because they played well is shocking. However, this guy does a little protest and people can’t believe it.

I don’t agree with Kaepernick’s protest because I don’t like sports mixed with politics, but I acknowledge his freedom to protest and respect it. If I trash Kaepernick for utilizing free speech, then that makes me a hypocrite and someone who doesn’t like the Constitution.

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We fought for free speech and it’s here to stay. We don’t have to agree with everyone, but we should respect their right to protest and speech. We can trash Kaepernick all we want for his protest and kneeling during the National Anthem, but is it really worth it? How about we stick to sports and look at just the stats on the field. We already cheer for criminals in the league, so signing a guy who does a little protest here or there shouldn't be nearly as bad.

I think Kaepernick's protest was lame and I disagree with him bringing his politics into sports. I don't support it. I wish he would keep his social justice off the field and do it somewhere else. But, as an American who endorses freedom of speech, I can only disagree with him, but I won't trash him (as much as I used to) for utilizing his freedoms. One of the best parts of our American freedom is that we can disagree and agree with people and it's perfectly OK to do that.

What we’re dealing with now is a quarterback with Super Bowl experience and no team. Kaepernick is more athletic and statistically better than at least five NFL quarterbacks who still have a job. If we can look beyond the issue with Colin’s protest and ONLY look at his statistics, then there’s several coaches who should really consider replacements on their team.

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Here are Colin Kaepernick’s recent stats.

He played well in 2013 and 2014. He was horrible in 2015, but bounced back a bit in 2016. He always threw more TD’s than interceptions, but his TD numbers are not that high. His yardage per pass averages over 7 yards. He’s not ever thrown for more than 19 touchdowns and elite quarterbacks really need to score about 28-30 to put up the bigger numbers. He chips in a few rushing touchdowns, but not many. Not enough to be a threat anymore. Sure, he had almost 500 yards rushing, but his total yardage of rushing and passing combined was still a lot less than typical elite starting quarterbacks. However, he’s definitely a better selection as a backup player, but that is only if he will accept a contract of knowing he’s the second option and gets second tier money. He can certainly compete for the starting job, but he just needs to get on a team to be given that chance. Let’s also factor in the Chip Kelly curse. Teams coached by Chip Kelly are always trash. He’s literally the worst NFL coach I’ve seen in years. I can’t even name someone worse than Chip Kelly.

Here are the 5 NFL quarterbacks who should be replaced with Colin Kaepernick


Brock Osweiler

Four years in Denver and he didn’t learn how to be a quarterback. That’s telling you something right there. He goes to Houston and sucks like no other. He throws for almost 3,000 yards, but couldn’t even average 6 yards per pass. 5 yards per pass isn’t going to win many games. He only nailed 15 touchdowns and threw for 16 interceptions.


Josh McCown

He’s been on a journey to six different NFL football teams. He had two decent years where he finally threw more scores than picks. For the most part, he sucks. I don’t think I would even want the guy as a backup. He’s just like Matt Barkley and Mark Sanchez. He’s one of those guys who is borderline average, but that’s about it. He has just enough skills to hang, but he’s not going to be your winner. This is not your future stat leading quarterback. I’d match him up against Kaepernick and I bet Kaep would beat him in a straight up QB contest.


Matt Barkley

He sucked as an Eagle and he sucked as a Bear. He throws more interceptions than scores. He reminds me of Matt Leinart’s stats. That’s all you need to know about Matt Barkely. There isn't much else to say about Matt Barkley because he doesn't really do anything. Why sign a guy who adds no value to your team? Kaepernick would beat him in a competition for the job. It may only be a backup position, but I would rather have Kaepernick than Matt Barkley. At least Kaepernick has experience in the playoffs and is probably used to the fans booing him by now.


Mark Sanchez

A starter who became a dopey journeyman because his game didn’t ever improve. He was at his best in 2009 and 2010 when Darrelle Revis was sending wide receivers on vacation to Revis Island. His Jets defense was so good that you or I could’ve taken a team to the playoffs. His defense was so good that it made up for how bad Sanchez’s stats were in 2009. He played better in 2010, but this isn’t a guy who will win a Super Bowl and now he’s a third stringer. Could we at least consider a much more athletic Kaepernick in this case? Not that Colin wants to be a third stringer earning the veteran minimum, but at least he would be on a team with the chance to move up in rank and set himself up for a lucrative contract the following year. Mark Sanchez shouldn’t be on anyone’s roster. He would be a great DII college quarterback. Without Revis Island, this guy wouldn’t have won many games at all.


Cody Kessler

Who? I’m not sure who Cody Kessler is. He sounds like the lead singer of an emo band, but apparently he’s one of the quarterbacks on the Cleveland Browns. I guess it's pretty easy to be a Brown's quarterback anymore. They would probably sign just about anyone willing to put that jersey on. He’s played one year with mediocre stats. I’m not sure that qualifies for much more than a backup role, but it looks like he might be the Browns top guy. I would trust Kaepernick’s athleticism and experience over this guy. At the very least, I would give Kaepernick a shot to battle for the top job and I think he would beat Kessler fairly easy. Cody Kessler could sit next to me on a bus and I would just think he’s some random gym rat. I literally have no clue who this guy is. If the Cleveland Browns offered Colin Kaepernick a job, then he would probably turn them down. That place is horrible for quarterbacks.


Jay Cutler

No chance. Cutler’s stats are light years beyond those of Kaepernick. Cutler went out with a season ending injury and then retired. But then Miami yanked him off the couch and brought him back to football. Maybe Cutler got sick of playing in Chicago and the sunny beaches of Miami was a great fit. Think about it, would you want to play for the Bears in that city? No way! Beaches and sunshine for Jay Cutler probably looks good. If he sucks this year, then at least he can relax on the beach. What was he going to do in Chicago? Go outside and watch people shoot each other?


Anyone who says something like “if Cutler can get a job, then why can’t Kaepernick” hasn’t looked at Cutlers overall stats which make Kaepernick’s stats look mediocre. Cutler may not win a Super Bowl either, but he’s got the skills and can toss it up to some flashy Miami receivers. That is, of course, if his mind is right and he’s mentally out of retirement. And, of course, if his injury holds up.Jay Cutler hasn’t played a full season since 2009. He’s well known to miss at least one game per year.

Whether you hate or love Colin Kaepernick, you just have to agree that he's a better football player than the five people listed above. Cutler is not included, but he was referenced because people kept complaining about him signing a contract while on the couch or taking analyst jobs.

Even if you hate Colin Kaepernick more than anything in the world, there's no reason he can't be a backup quarterback. The question is now - does he want to? Would he accept a contract offer knowing he's not the starter?

Time will tell.

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