5 reasons you might always feel tired


Some of the reasons you feel tired are obvious. Don't laugh, but I already know what you're going to say "I ALREADY KNOW THIS!" Right? But there's more to it. We can identify certain reasons we feel tired, but then we need to go a little bit further. We need to figure out why something is happening and how can we fix it. Sounds easy, right? That all depends, of course.

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1. Lack of sleep. We're simply not sleeping enough. Try getting an extra half hour or hour of sleep. Find your perfect sleep time that leaves you feeling refreshed and recharged.

2. Poor diet. We eat too much junk and not enough healthy foods. We need to balance it out. Are you eating nothing but fast food and feel like a slob? That won't help. Throw some salads or more healthy options in there and see if that helps.

3. Sedentary lifestyle. If all you do is sit all day, then get up. Get a standing desk. Do whatever you can to move around more during the day. Use your body!

4. Too much stress. If you're always stressed out, then how can you get a good night's sleep? Try to alleviate your stress. Figure things out. Talk about things. Find ways to relax and meditate.

5. Various medical conditions might be going on. There are certain medical conditions that might make people feel sleepy. That's something you can talk to your doctor about, as only they can professionaly diagnose and help you with that.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), around 15.3 percent of women and 10.1 percent of men regularly feel very tired or exhausted in the United States.rnTiredness can cause an array of problems. For example, around 1 in 25 adult drivers report falling asleep at the wheel each month. About 72,000 crashes and 44,000 injuries each year are a result of drowsy driving, and that's not to mention the estimated 6,000 fatal crashes caused by drowsy drivers.

For a more in depth look, please check our source below who goes into much further details.