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8 Things You Should Not Ever Put In A Microwave

People use microwaves everyday. They are easy to use and you can cook the most simple meals within minutes without no fuss.

But there are some people who do very bad things, like put things in a microwave - when it does NOT belong in the microwave. These people risk fires, destruction, damage, and injury. This is really bad to do, so don't ever try these at home!

Again, do not try any of this at home. This was done by other people on YouTube who did this for experimental reasons which are beyond our belief. You might catch me putting a cup of noodles in the microwave, but that's about it.

1. Box Of Wine

Who ever put wine in a microwave? I much prefer my wine to be chilled in the fridge and definitely not warmed up unless it's a fine mulled cider. Here is what happens if you put a box of wine in a microwave.



2. Shaving Cream

Shaving cream is something you would not associate with food, so why would you place it in a microwave? Here's what happens when someone placed shaving cream into the microwave. The below video will show you in perfectly horrible detail.

3. Fidget Spinner


Fidget spinners are supposed to be used to relieve stress and help with things such as autism, the last place you would think to put a fidget spinner is in a microwave, right? What happens when you place a fidget spinner in a microwave? Good luck, spinner!


4. Cigarette

Cigarettes are full of so many nasty things that I sometimes wonder why people smoke them, so putting one in a microwave may not be the greatest idea. This video may put you off smoking all together. What even is in that thing that made it explode like that? Wow!

5. Lighter

If you thought a cigarette in a microwave looked bad then wait until you see a lighter in a microwave. This definitely does not belong in a microwave when you see what happens in this video!

6. Pencil

Whomever thought this was a good idea was sorely mistaken. These people let their curiosity get the better of them and placed one in a microwave anyway just so we can all see what happens.


Not quite sure why anyone would want to put a CD/DVD in a microwave over listening to and watching it but this guy decided to place one in a microwave and let's just say, that CD did not survive in that microwave!

8. iPhone 6

Not quite sure why you would want to put an iPhone 6 in the microwave, the battery alone would put me off putting it into a microwave for even 10 seconds as those kind of batteries could explode. Here is one guy who placed an iPhone 6 in a microwave and made Android users extra happy for a day.

I guess that iPhone 6 is useless now, right? 

These are definitely not things I would advise you place in a microwave as they can be potentially fatal. These videos are for entertainment and you should not ever try anything you see in them.

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