83-page James Comey report released; he violated Department and FBI Policies

After being found guilty of violating several official policies due to the infamous Comey Memos and unverified existence of Russia Dossier, former FBI director James Comey will not be prosecuted. The Department of Justice has concluded the investigation and though Comey is found guilty, all of these will not result to his prosecution. 

The Justice Department's Inspector General Michael Horowitz, the man who is in charge of the investigation along with other investigators concludes that Comey broke several policies. This includes his decision to give the information to a friend who later disclosed the contents to a New York Times reporter. The way Comey handled the memos by securing the memos at home and discussing it with his lawyers instead of revealing his investigations to the FBI is another wrongdoing that violates another law. 

While FBI officials assess that the materials that Comey's memos were classified as "confidential", it is still the lowest level of classification. Investigators established no connection between Comey and the revelation of his secret investigation to the press. 


This led to the former FBI director responding through Twitter yesterday morning. He quoted a section of the inspector general's report. He also cleared the false accusations about him and other matters that involve the president and his supporters.

As of the moment, these are the details made public. It is believed that there will be more to follow.