The World Wars brought plenty of horrors to Europe, amongst of which our protagonist, the 90-year-old May Webber, was orphaned from her family since age 7 up to now! Fortunately, the lovely lady was able to gather with her lost family thanks to the detectivesque abilities of a relative who spent seven years in the search of Webber's siblings! Now the 90-year-old orphan is finally reunited with her long last family and the tears were surely flowing with joy.

Alice, Nellie, Mary, Edward and the youngest, May, were the five Mitchell siblings. By the time they were orphans, the four eldest siblings had already left the parental home. Their mother died of a brain tumor and their father followed, barely three months later, to tuberculosis. The then young May was adopted by her uncle, although she was allegedly mistreated and bullied by his wife, making her childhood less than pleasant. Things would take a while to get better for her. When she was 12, World Ward II broke out and she was sent to a family in Ascot, causing the definitive separation of the Mitchells.

May got married to David Williams and became a widow in 1984, to remarry in 1987. Ten years later, her second husband passed away, however, ten more years would pass until the search for the strained Mitchells started.

Angela Doyle, a relative of Webber with a thing for ancestry started to look for May's lost family, out of interest for her childhood stories of the War. The search wasn't very fruitful though, there was very little information to start with and Webber didn't have many memories of her family due to the short age in which they had been separated. Doyle called a long shot and left a message in an ancestry site and two weeks later, there was a match!

Sadly, all the other four Mitchell siblings had passed away, Mary and Edward during the 1970's, while Alice and Nellie lived long lives, to 102 and 100 respectively, passing with a difference of two weeks. 

Although Mrs. Webber didn't get to meet her siblings again, she got to meet three nieces and a grandniece! The encounter was smooth and warm. May acknowledged that she had been fearing the emotional consequences that the meeting might have, being aware of the pain that bringing up the saddest memories could cause her. Nevertheless, it seems that the now reunited family wouldn't look back! The emotional meeting allowed Mrs. Webber to fill in some blanks and share her life experience with her nieces. "I feel like I've suddenly got a brand new family!" the woman said.

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