Urban Abortion? Man accused of forcing pregnant woman to drink bleach

An extremely sick crime took place as a man allegedly choked his "girlfriend" who is pregnant with another man's baby. He tried pouring bleach into her mouth in hopes to kill the baby.

I guess he was the side piece? Or was the woman pregnant with the sidepiece baby? A mystery we won't ever find out. I also could not care less.

The man belongs in jail, the woman is probably a welfare leech, and I hope the baby gets adopted by someone better.


CHARLESTON, WV (WVVA) -  A Charleston man is accused of trying to force his pregnant partner to drink bleach after he found out the baby isn't his.

Geoffrey Rashaud Wilborne, 30, is currently being held in Southern Regional Jail on $100,000 cash-only bond.


The alleged attack happened over the weekend at a residence on Randolph Street.

According to court documents, Wilborne told his partner "drink this so your baby can die." 

Under West Virginia law an embryo or fetus is considered a separate victim. Wilborne s charged with strangulation and two counts of attempt to kill by poison.

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Hopefully this man is locked up and put on laundry duty where he drinks his own bleach.

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