Army Pfc. Glendon Oakley Jr. rushed in to saved children during El Paso Walmart shooting

Real life super heroes exist. He is Army Pfc. Glendon Oakley Jr.

While others were running for their lives and AWAY from danger amidst the active shooter in El Paso on Saturday, one man decided to run INTO the chaos in an attempt to save as many lives as possible.

Oakley was in the Foot Locker close to where the shooting was taking place when he noticed several people running from the scene. His first instinctive reaction was to run, like many of us would, but that's when he noticed children who were either unaccompanied or abandoned by their parents among all the confusion and madness. He claims that his military experience prompted him to put himself into a dangerous position to save as many kids as possible. Without thinking twice, Oakley ran into the mall and grabbed as many kids as he could in an attempt to save them from gunfire. 

Glen says that after removing a few children from the scene, who were all very anxious and scared, the police questioned him to ensure he was not part of the shootings. Oakley admitted to having a license to carry and was quickly dismissed as part of the shootings. Police were quickly able to confirm what Oakley was telling them was true, at which time he moved to a safe location.

What is perhaps the most interesting part of this story, aside from the fact that Glen Oakley is a hero, is that he said he was led to believe there were up to four active shooters, which has yet to be reported elsewhere.

While the media will focus on the negatives and politics of this awful incident, it's stories like this that should be highlighted. Finger pointing and playing politics should be the last thing we do in situations like this. It's great to see an American hero help save lives.

Even after being asked how it felt to be in a position where his life was in danger, Oakley took the high road.

"I'm just worried about those kids," Oakley told the reporter. "I wasn't worried about myself."

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