Iran to issue CAMEL LICENSE PLATES to reduce traffic accidents


The people of Iran have had enough of these motherf*cking snakes, on this...wait. Wrong movie.

I'm thinking about movies because what Iran is about to do is something you would definitely see in a funny movie.

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Iran is about to issue license plates to camels in hopes to reduce traffic accidents.

This doesn't even make sense. If you have 1,000 camels on the road, then give 1,000 camels a license plate, then you still have 1,000 camels on the road.

Or do these camels need to pass a driver test? Maybe only 800 can pass?

What happens if a camel gets pulled over?

What if a camel is walking under the influence?

What if a camel is involved in a bump and walk away?

What happens if you park your camel at the saloon and someone steals their shoes? Does your camel get put on cinder blocks?

The Blaze - Iranian officials, frustrated by their nation’s high rate of traffic accidents, identified the high number of camels sharing the road with cars as a contributing factor. As a result, the Iranian government will now begin issuing license plates to camels in an effort to track and punish offending camel riders. 100,000 camels have already been registered, and the government is hoping to add 35,000 more dromedaries to the registry soon.

“First of all, do you get pulled over on a camel?” Doc Thompson wonders. “Does the cop ride up, and they’re like, ‘OK, pull it over. Alright. License? Registration?’ Does that happen? I don’t know if you even get pulled over on a camel.”

After Kal Elsebai asks if Doc has ever seen a police chase targeting a camel, Doc responds, “I haven’t, but I’ll tell you what. I’d like to see that. I’d like to see that a lot. Somebody riding a camel through suburban Los Angeles for like four hours, running from the po-po. I’d like to see that.”