Girlfriend Survives Four Hour Beating For What She Lost

Kelsie Skillen probably had one of the worst days of her life when she was brutally beaten for four hours by her now ex-boyfriend James McCourt. She survived and was able to get him locked away, but what caused this horrible physical attack on the young beautiful woman is sickening and vile.  To think someone could do that to another human being over such a little problem is way beyond comprehension and normal decent human behavior.

He found out that she may have left his jacket and cigarettes (in the jacket) somewhere after they came home from a night out.  Her boyfriend apparently blamed her for losing the cigarettes and that's what sparked the onslaught of McCourt beating her. Skillen was 18-years-old and McCourt was 19-years-old when that night went terribly wrong. The Sun quotes him as saying  "you're going to have a bruised face tomorrow so I better do it right" and then he spit on her and dumped water on her too. He pummeled her from above as he placed his knees on her chest, not allowing her to escape as he hit her.  

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She was able to contact her mom via an iPad that was resting with barely any battery left. The mom arrived, buzzed the buzzer to get in, and that's when her mom was able to get in and he ran off.

Skillen was unable to escape on her own because he hid her keys and locked the doors of the place where they lived together in West Dunbartonshire, according to The Sun. Prices might be up, but beating a woman for several hours because she might have lost a pack of smokes is certainly not something anyone with a conscious should ever do. 

Now he's in jail proving every second of his life in jail that it wasn't worth it to attack a woman. It wouldn't be worth it to attack anyone like that - man or woman. Not sure what he'll do when he's released from prison, but I imagine he might have trouble getting a job since he committed a violent crime against a woman. 

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James McCourt received almost two years in jail. He's also not allowed to contact her for five years and he will be monitored for eight months upon his release from jail. All that over a jacket and smokes? 

Kelsie Skillen broke the story when she posted the pictures on Facebook and explained what happened. She's super brave for sharing her story and raising awareness for abuse towards women. 

Here are pictures of Kelsie Skillen after the attack.

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