ABC anchor George Stephanopoulos gave Clinton Foundation $75,000

Ex-political adviser and current ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos finally disclose his donation to the Clinton Foundation, a fact that he did not let known at the time of the controversy known as the "Clinton Cash." The amount of contribution is said to be $50,000.

Stephanopoulos only disclosed this on Thursday. According to CNN Money, he also gave former President Clinton an amount reaching $25,000 between years 2012 to 2014.


ABC originally reports the $50,000 donation. However, the anchor did not include the cash gifts in the past that brings to a total of $75,000.

In his official statement, Stephanopoulos said that his donations were in support of the foundation's work on a global AIDS prevention campaign and deforestation. These, he says, are causes that he [Stephanopoulos] cared for deeply.

While he believes that his contributions were a matter of public record, he understands that he should have taken the extra step of personally disclosing all of his donations to his employers and to the viewers even during the recent news stories on the Foundation currently taking place.

Despite discussing the financial dealings of the Clinton Foundation in his news broadcasts last month, Stephanopoulos did not talk about his donations to the said foundation.

In "This Week," the host interviewed guest author Peter Schweizer on his new book entitled Clinton Cash. This is a highly controversial book suggesting that donations to the Clinton Foundation that came from foreign government officials and interests groups did this in an act of currying favor on the then secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

The “This Week” host recently interviewed author Peter Schweizer about his new book, Clinton Cash.

The book raises questions, particularly Hillary's ethics and transparency when she aimed for the Oval Office. An act of dismissal towards this "politically motivated attack" was made by her campaign.

ABC News defends Stephanopoulos in their statement on Politico. They acknowledged his mistake of not notifying the public. They applaud the admittance of his mistake and says that the network stands behind him.