Actress Ellen Barkin wants comedian Louis C.K. to get 'raped and shot at'


Actress Ellen Barkin went on Twitter to say that she hopes comedian Louis C.K. gets raped and shot at. This is possibly a response to the leaked audio from a new comedy set by Louis C.K. who allegedly mocks Parkland shooting survivors. USA Today stated that "the 51-year-old comedian earned criticism from the Twitterverse as well as the survivors of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, after a comedy writer's tweet shared on Sunday reportedly featured portions of the C.K.'s new stand-up set that included jokes about the students."

People highly criticized Louis C.K. after hearing the leaked comedy set went somewhat viral with people sharing it all over social media. C.K. is attempting a comedy comeback after he admitted to sexual misconduct, but some social media users want him to remain out of the spotlight. Some social media users claimed Louis C.K.'s set went too far, but again - they probably aren't his fans or fans of stand up comedy which often pushes bounds that make people uncomfortable. 

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Ellen Barkin seems to be one of his biggest critics, wishing horrible things upon the comedian. 

She stated... 

"i hope louis ck gets rape" "and shot at" on Twitter. She followed that up with "for all of you ready to jump on myback, think for a minute about how louis ck must talk about the women who outed him? what do you think he wishes on them? do you think he will assault a woman again? read up on serial sexual assault" 

i hope louis ck gets raped

Ellen sure sounds like a nice lady. That's quite a way to bring in the new year from another verified blue check mark celebrity saying terrible things about others.

It just goes to show that the verified blue check mark on Twitter doesn't mean anything special. It's just a way to let us know someone is real, but that does not mean they are someone special.