Adam Levine gets Cornrow Mohawk and we have so many questions #CornHawk

This week, Adam Levine debuted a new hairstyle this week and people are not feeling it. The Maroon 5 frontman uploaded a photo of him with what he dubbed as a "corn hawk" that sparked outrage on every social media platform.  

The former "The Voice" judge is sporting three bleach-blond cornrows down the center with the side of his head having been shaved.



For a forty-year-old man, that's daring. It is only natural for some fans to be shooketh by this astounding style. Actors and actresses have shared their opinions of it, including stylist for the stars Bradley Irion. He has a good track record considering he's styled Laverne Cox, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and reality star Kelly Killoren Bensimon. Irion's verdict is clear, he's not digging it. 


Irion told The Post that "It's not necessarily his best look, to say the least. It looks like he's trying hard to be something he's not. Personally, I'm not looking for this look to trend." So do we, Irion, so do we. 


While some say that the corn hawk scream "desperation" others are questioning his mental state as it looks like he's undergoing through a midlife crisis. There are also those who proceeded to insult Levine for the style of his hair alone.


However, the one that's standing out is the cultural aspect of it all. It's the idea of cultural appropriation and some natives are calling it out because, for them, it's disrespectful to have that style when you don't truly belong in that certain race. Yikes! 


Well, we can only hope that Levine makes it through since the comments are getting harsher as the days go by. Good luck!