Admitted Leaker Vindman blows up on Republican Senator

The third day of the impeachment trial against current U.S. President Donald Trump is causing more friction. This time, Tennessee GOP Sen. Marsha Blackburn is going against Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman outside of the senate chambers.

Vindman is the National Security Council official who is testifying against the president. In the House Democrats' impeachment inquiry last year, he stated how President Trump's all with Ukraine left him in what he said was a state of shock. However, he denies knowing who the whistleblower, He later admits that he was the one who leaked the contents of the call to the whistleblower.

This Thursday evening, Sen. Blackburn posted a series of tweets:

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In an article by Fox News, attorney representing the whistleblower, Mark Zaid, was said to have openly recruited potential informants within the intelligence community since 2017. Back then, he declares a coup against the president has started and an impeachment will follow. Zaid also admits to the whistleblower being connected to a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate.

Hours after Blackburn's tweets, Vindman's legal team responded. David Pressman, a lawyer with Boies, Schiller & Flexner LLP, told Fox News 

"This difficult moment in our country calls for seriousness and seriousness of purpose. Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman has sacrificed enormously for our country. He believes in our country, and he believes in our country's great institutions, including the United States Senate. That a member of the Senate, at a moment when the Senate is undertaking its most solemn responsibility, would choose to take to Twitter to spread slander about a member of the military is a testament to cowardice. While Senator Blackburn fires off defamatory tweets, Lieutenant Colonel Vindman will continue to do what he has always done: serve our country dutifully and with honor. 

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In "The Ingraham Angle", Blackburn continues to support her tweets, citing Vindman's commanding officer Lt. Col. Jim Hickman's words "Do not let the uniform fool you. He is a political activist in uniform." She told Laura Ingraham:

"We honor the service of every man and woman in uniform. You look at what his commanders said. He has a problem with his judgment. That's been pointed out. He had one commander who said he is a political activist in uniform. He has had problems with going outside his chain of command, which is what he did here. I talk to a lot of military members on a regular basis. They have a real problem with some of the things and the manner in which he conducted himself in this matter. What we want to do is make certain that we get to the heart of the issues here; we want to be certain the president is treated fairly. We want to make certain that we move through this and we get back to the people's business, things they want to see us do, like putting more judges on the federal bench." 

In his impeachment testimony in 2019, Vindman presented what is an apparent contradiction when he testified that he did not discuss his concerns about the president's July phone call with NSC Tim Morrison. Morrison confirmed that he was given edits of the transcript of the call on the same day that Vindman testified Morrison to be unreachable. He expressed his concern over Vindman being a leaker, hence he was not to be trusted with the key information. Vindman on the other hand read a performance review that describes him as an exemplary officer.

It is still unclear whether or not any other witnesses will appear in the impeachment trial. As to when it will be finished remains to be unknown.

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