Al Sharpton Gets Bad News that could send him to Jail!

Al Sharpton must have freaked out when he learned that Obama has passed the H.R.22 law that requires anyone who owes $50,000 or more in back taxes to give up their passport. Al Sharpton owes a lot more money in taxes than that and now he can't expedite himself to another country when the law finally goes after him. He won't have a passport to get there on! Something like this could finally get race baiting Al Sharpton in jail where he belongs.

Al Sharpton's bad news might land him in prison!

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al sharpton prison

Political taxes or not, you still owe it. Pay it. If Reverend Sharpton had a legitimate purpose on Earth and helped people for real, or did things to contribute to society, then maybe we could skip those taxes. Wait, no, we couldn't because then anyone who did one good thing would pull the Al Sharpton card and evade taxes.

He is one of the most useless people I've ever seen in the news. He's like the skinny black Kardashian man that Bruce Jenner didn't impregnate anyone with. He's what Kanye West's Dad would be like if we knew who Kanye West's Dad was. Al Sharpton, guy with no skills and can barely read and speak English, owes too many taxes to be allowed to walk freely on the street. He needs to pay his taxes or go directly to jail with the other tax evaders who owe a lot less than he does.

Look folks, there's no reason to not pay your taxes. Just pay them. Taxes put the road under your feet and pay for the community services that help keep our neighborhoods running smoothly. I just don't know what Al Sharpton does besides prey on people in a time of need who think he's something special, but he isn't. Al Sharpton is a loser and no person should ever look up to him or be like him because he will take advantage of everyone and he's only doing it for money.

If you wanted Al Sharpton to speak about how to cure a hemorrhoid with a box of blue tipped matches, he'd do it. He doesn't care about anything but the money he evades taxes on. He's a filthy leeching roach who takes advantage of people for money. He's the walking scum you don't invite into your house because he will find a way to stay without paying and use all your shower products while sleeping in your pajamas.

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