Alabama Man Allegedly Fed Attack Squirrel Meth To Keep It Aggressive

During a search on Monday, the authorities in Limestone County, Ala. apprehended one male and are searching for another after finding drug paraphernalia, body armor, a drug called methamphetamine, and an "attack squirrel" which was rescued and released later that day. Some eyebrows were raised at the mere thought of this being true, and people asked themselves just what does this "SuperAntiSquirrel" do.

Ronnie Reynolds, 37, was arrested during the police intervention and Mickey Paulk, 35, the alleged "caretaker" of the squirrel is wanted after giving the poor animal meth to keep it aggressive, according to reports issued by the Limestone County Sheriff's Office.

Prior to the drug raid, the authorities were given the information Paulk kept an "attack squirrel" at his home that was highly aggressive and the enforcers of the law were extra cautious and aware of the unfortunate animal. Animal Control division was also called to the "drug den", and they, in turn, contacted the officials at the Alabama Game and Fish Division of the Department of Conservation that told them it was illegal to have a pet squirrel and they should release it with caution, which reportedly was a success. I have never heard of a law that doesn’t allow squirrels to be kept as pets, but not every country is the same.

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"On the advice of the Game and Fish wardens, the unlucky animal was released into a wooded area where it ran into the woods and did not behave aggressively towards the deputies, “ the Officials at the Sheriff's Office wrote. Another question that arose in this half-funny, half-creepy situation is how exactly did they test the squirrel for meth? They say there was no safe way to test the squirrel so they didn't. Let us just hope that unfortunate tree climber doesn't relapse and starts bringing his squirrel buddies back to his "drug prison" in search of some more treats. If you ask me, a bond of $4,000 is really low for everything Reynolds has been charged for and done, and his partner Mickey that is still on the run, when caught, will definitely be charged with animal abuse, with many of his ongoing charges.

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