Alec Baldwin blames Trump supporters if America has a 'near moral collapse'

Actor Alec Baldwin is going after Trump again. This time he posted a bunch of Tweets calling out the President and his supporters, saying they will "bear the blame" if America suffers a "near moral collapse."

Baldwin has been critical of President Trump in the past, even suggesting that Americans overthrow Trump from the White House.

But this time, the actor's Twitter rant is now going after Trump's supporters too!

Baldwin posted on his timeline the following:

1- American democracy has always been a struggle between the misaligned protections of specific freedoms and a raging, at times intoxicating, 12 cylinder economy. It demanded vigilant/consistent regulation, compassion for the disenfranchised, and...

2- ...and the periodic display of a necessary sacrifice that allowed for the long term health of our society at the expense of short term whims. The desecration of those ideals and the near moral collapse of this country falls squarely in the lap of Trump’s supporters, as opposed

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3- opposed to Trump himself, who is merely what psychology labels the “objective negative function.” Like fire, floods and earthquakes, it destroys, and only destroys, by its very nature. Without prejudice. It is Trump voters, particularly those who would re-elect him...

4- ...who bear the blame. For the undeniable and colossal destruction of everything that matters to us as Americans that cannot be merely monetized.

Once again, this is a big time actor from Hollywood proving that Trump Derangement Syndrome could be a real issue.

Celebrities blaming Trump and his supporters have failed to look in the mirror and see what's really causing problems.

Rhetoric like this, coming from famous influential people, is not the way to bring people together. This seems like Alec Baldwin's way to push people apart, rather than bring them together, and he's being very divisive in his actions.

Baldwin, point blank, dislikes Trump.

Here's the start of his rant, followed by several of his other posts and you can see the replies didn't go so well.

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