Alex Jones and Roger Stone TRIGGERED the Young Turks at RNC


Alex Jones and Roger Stone crashed the Young Turks show at the RNC. They triggered some serious anger in the Young Turks. Alex Jones gets spit on, a rather attractive woman in a red dress throws some typical hood-rat street insults, and things get really heated. Bill Clinton's face even appears on a "RAPE" shirt and that doesn't go over well with the Turks. I would've loved to be a cameraman filming this. In this video you can see the cameramen smiling like crazy because they know they're getting great content, and it truly is nothing less than amazing. Watch the guys from Info Wars almost get into a fist fight with the Young Turks, who are really big whiners.

Info Wars - Members of The Young Turks media organization had a meltdown at the RNC Thursday after being challenged to a debate by radio host Alex Jones. Young Turks host Cenk Uygar went into an emotional breakdown shortly after being presented with a shirt featuring an image of Bill Clinton?s face combined with the word ?rape.? Jones maintained a cheerful demeanor throughout the encounter before female anchor Ana Kasparian began shouting wildly to ?get the fuck off the stage!?

Ana Kasparian

Ana Kasparian would have a great career on those live chat sites if she ever needs some extra cash. Ching ching my lady, here's a few tokens to get her started. I don't think she can handle being triggered by grown men with the way she throws the 7th grade school yard fat jokes out there. Michael Moore is fat, what if he was watching and made a documentary out of her? Would she like that? Would we watch that? Depends on how many unclothed scenes there are. I can't lie, if Ana was featured without clothes on in a Michael Moore film, then that would be the only way I'd watch anything of his. Then we have Cenk Uygar stand up because he was triggered by Alex Jones. Uygar reminds Jones how he feels about Saudi Arabia. Then more naughty words by Ana (almost a turn on) and eventually things settle and people go their own ways. This is the most entertaining video I've watched all week. It's fun to see Roger Stone getting in the mix, but he walks away way too soon. Would love to watch him and Cenk get into it. Anyone catch the reference to lizard people?

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