Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez SUED TWICE for blocking people on Twitter


Democrat rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez faces multiple lawsuits for blocking people on Twitter. President Donald Trump was told he cannot block people, so why does AOC think she can do it? Trump faced a decision by an appeals court that said he could no longer block people on Twitter.

AOC will likely face the same outcome if her two lawsuits make it through to a judge.

The first person to sue her is Joey Saladino. He is previously known as Joey Salads, a viral YouTube sensation who posted tons of prank videos. Now he's running for congress in New York to give Republicans a fresh voice and take back the power currently mobbed by Democrats.
Joey stated: "I have officially filed my lawsuit against AOC for blocking me on twitter. Trump is not allowed to block people, will the standards apply equally? Stay tuned to find out!"

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The second person to file suit against congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez is a former New York Assemblyman named Dov Hikind. He criticized AOC when she made the comments about border detention facilities resembling "concentration camps." Hikind is a Democrat.

Caleb Howe wrote for Mediaite that the "complaint states that the plaintiff, Hikind, “is a known and staunch advocate for Jewish causes and the State of Israel,” and “founder of Americans Against Anti-Semitism,” and that, “importantly, Mr. Hikind has criticized” AOC on Twitter many times, including “in response to AOC’s claims that the United States Government is running ‘concentration camps’ on the boarder[sic], similar to those in the Holocaust.”

Hikind said that "Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has blocked me on Twitter yesterday apparently because my critique of her tweets and policies have been too stinging, no one is above the law."

He's right.

Ocasio-Cortez has now been sued by a Republican and Democrat for essentially the same thing - getting blocked on Twitter.

If you can't handle the heat of the social media, then get out of the kitchen.

I would say AOC should resign, but she's also the greatest gift Democrats gave us since Maxine Waters.