Alton Sterling shooting in Baton Rouge sparks controversy

Alton Sterling shooting in Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge: Cops respond to a disturbance call at a store. The call reported that Alton Sterling was selling music CDs and threatened someone with a gun. Police officers Blane Salamoni and Howie Lake respond. An altercation occurred and Alton Sterling was shot. Both officers defend their right to execute deadly force as needed. They reported that Sterling had a gun in his pocket and was possibly reaching for the officers taser. You can watch the Alton Sterling shooting video and forge your own opinion.

Alton Sterling shooting video What do you think about this video? Justified shooting? Bad mistake? Criminal reaching for weapon?

Was Alton Sterling a threat?

Cops usually shoot a criminal when they deem there's a valid threat. It's a cops duty to eliminate the threat. Even if a criminal has a 4 inch pocket knife, that's grounds for getting shot by the police. If you wave any weapon at an officer, then you probably should be shot. I always support the police decisions to shoot criminals. If a criminal doesn't care about their own life, then why should we? I could not care less about criminals like Mike Brown who have a history of being a violent punk. People like him get what they ask for. But I have a tough time thinking Sterling was a threat. In all honesty, he looked like a big chubby guy who was soft and on the ground and unable to really do anything to an officer. He's just a blob who could barely flail around. Throw a few elbows on the guy and knock him out before pulling the trigger.

What's different about the Alton Sterling shooting?

The Alton Sterling shooting in Baton Rouge is little bit different than other cops vs criminal shootings because it could have potentially been avoided. For one, if Alton Sterling wasn't doing what he was doing, this all would have been avoided. But I also think the officer who fired the shots could've made a better decision. The video shows that Sterling looked mostly secure on the ground, but still got shot. Why? Did the officer panic? Was the officer scared? Did the officer make a bad decision? Was Sterling's hand that we can't see very close to grabbing an officers weapon? It's OK if the officer simply made a bad choice, except it might cost him his job and even a few years in prison. It's not like he made photocopies for his boss and forgot something. This mistake cost a life. I personally don't think Alton Sterling had a fighting chance vs two officers who've been trained to fight and secure perpetrators. How could Sterling fire a gun or reach for an officer's taser AND be successful at escaping? He wouldn't be able to do that. At one point the officer on the left has a very clear shot to drop some elbows or hammer fists on Sterling's face.

Alton Sterling shooting

Instead of shooting Alton Sterling, how about punching him in the face a few times or choking him out to render him unconscious? I think that would've been a better option. The cops may have been called too aggressive, but oh well. If you're a criminal on the ground by police, then they have a right to knock you senseless. If you don't want to get punched by a cop, then don't get the cops called on you. It kinda comes with the territory.

Did Alton Sterling need to be shot?

The shooting part is a bit much. I'm calling this an inappropriate and unnecessary shooting by the police. I just don't understand how it went from having a guy on his back to having a guy shot. I know cops have to act and react extremely fast, but this looks like a bad judgement call to me. Killing Sterling Alston was like shooting a fat old woman. It was too easy and probably not needed. Look at the guy. He looks like a knock off Biggie Smalls out hustling mix tapes to feed his kids. He doesn't look like a deranged meth addict or a Mike Brown reaching for the gun kinda guy. I think the officers could've thrown a Big Mac at the guy and he would've sat down nicely for it.

However, if Sterling had a gun and reached for it, then by all means shoot him and don't think twice about it. If he's reaching for a gun, then he's not thinking twice about you - he's thinking about shooting you.

Don't fall for the race baiting by mainstream media

We shouldn't look at the color of Alton Sterling or the police officer. We should look at the incapability of the police officer who shot him. This was not a racially related shooting. This was a cop making a bad decision and it doesn't matter what color anyone is. Everyone reading this right now has made a mistake at their job. Everyone makes mistakes. This cop made his mistake and it took the life of someone. Even if Alton Sterling was a bad criminal, I still believe he could've been apprehended with more self control and perhaps took a few punches to knock him senseless instead of shooting him. He looks like a big guy, so throw some hammers to the jaw and render him useless. No matter what you hear or read from the mainstream media, do not fall for the race baiting. This was not a hate crime. This was not a racially charged shooting. This entire incident has nothing to do with the color of someone's skin. This was a cop who made a decision based on the situation, but it turned out to probably be a bad decision that cost someone their life. Do NOT let the media trick you into thinking this was a black vs white thing. It was 100% not a race related incident. Not even close.

Don't be an annoying protester

Alston is gone, but that doesn't give protesters the right to disrupt the public, loot, riot, or cause violence. Yeah, we get it, you're angry, but too bad. If you're so mad at the police, then go sit outside the police station and talk to them about how we can change things in society. Don't do anything that will ruin the day of anyone else, or get yourself shot by the police. No matter what happens, we are supposed to be responsible citizens who follow the law. Breaking laws because you're angry does not absolve you from the consequences which could be jail or maybe you get shot by a cop too. If you want to make a point, then make a peaceful point that doesn't get on anyone's nerves. Don't block traffic, loot, or riot like a socialist loser or welfare bum. People milk the system and crowd the streets when there's a crime because they think there's a chance to rob a store or set it on fire. How about organizing to get a job and clean up the neighborhood?

Don't be the annoying protester. Be someone who makes a difference. Change the world, don't burn it down. Here's the video up close. We need to be better people, better citizens, and fix our world. We can't keep burning it down.

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