Alyssa Milano and Montel Williams post anti-Trump fake news and eat crow right after


Celebrities Montel Williams, Alyssa Milano, and a bunch of nitwits not worth mentioning (but equally stupid) had posted about Donald Trump being the first president to not visit United States military overseas since 2002. There's just one problem with that. Trump was in Iraq visiting troops as people like Milano and Williams were talking bad about him. So let's get this straight - while Trump and Melania were in Iraq spending time with the American military, people like Alyssa Milano and Montel Williams were posting messages that he did not visit the military.

Trump was literally visiting the military as people were tweeting that he did not visit the military.

*** FREE TRUMP 2020 FLAG ***

If you thought Trump Derangement Syndrome was fake, well this is all the evidence you need to see that it's real. These celebrities didn't even think to check the news or read up on what Trump was currently doing. They just went straight for the killshot thinking they would be clever and bash the president, not realizing they were 100% incorrect and looked like the world's stupidest dotards to ever exist. If you want to know what a non-playable character looks like, then this is it. Except they're filthy rich and make us laugh at them, not with or for them.

Milano wrote on Twitter: "Trump becomes first president since 2002 not to visit troops at Christmastime" because she's so clever she just steals the fake news title right from the article.

Williams wrote on Twitter: "Instead of visiting the troops, @realDonaldTrump has: Crashed the stock market, gone to war with Jim Mattis, delivered a nice Christmas gift to Vlad (Syria) and presided over an “immigration policy” that has killed two kids in a week..."

Where did this all start? With the mainstream media because NBC News ran a story titled: "Trump becomes first president since 2002 not to visit troops at Christmastime." Except, Trump was in Iraq visiting during Christmastime.

But you know how this goes - the celebrities see the story and believe it, so they share it out, then their fans believe it. Meanwhile, Motherfucker Trump is overseas in a danger zone hanging out with our troops while all the idiots back home and yelling at him for not visiting the troops. Makes sense, right?

Only in a liberal mind that would ever make sense.

And you know what didn't happen? Pretty much no one who blasted out their fake news issued an apology or correction. Running a second story saying that Trump visited troops doesn't address the fact that the first story was false.

But you know they would be the first people to demand one or boycott something if it was done to Obama.