Alyssa Milano says 'Masks Keep People Safe' and wears a crochet mask

Alyssa Milano shared a message telling people that "masks keep people safe and healthy" while she's wearing a mask that appears to be crocheted and has potentially has holes in it. Milano said, "Show me your masks! Masks keep people safe and healthy. Show me yours! Ready? Go! #WearAMask" and then it was all downhill in her comments and the ratio was astronomical.

Of course, she instantly sparked a tirade of incoming comments after touting masks and safety, but then wears this mask that appears to be unsafe.

However, later she chimed back into her own thread and called people A-holes and claimed her mask has a carbon filter in it. She then got accused of lying about it as people analyzed her photograph.

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Milano posted a screenshot from Amazon, but anyone can do that. The readers want to see Milano's ACTUAL mask with the filter on it, not some random photograph from the Internet.

Milano did not post a picture of her own mask to show the carbon filter. Nope, of course not. Because maybe she does not actually have that one. Maybe she lied.

If she did have a mask with a carbon filter, then maybe she should have mentioned that and showed it. She knows people will bombard her with comments if she wears a mask that has holes in the front. Milano's mask looks like you could slip a straw through it and sip on some iced tea while thinking, "I told you she's not really all for the MeToo movement. Total fraud."

I'm surprised Milano didn't wear this mask instead:

And now on to the encore of Milano's most ridiculous post this week. She continues to be one of the most out of touch and useless celebrities on Twitter. She's finally found something she's good at!

Even if her mask allegedly has a carbon filter, that did not stop the Internet from putting Milano back in her place as usual.


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