The first time I ever drank coffee was a few years after I graduated college. I barely ever drink alcohol any more thanks to the discovery of this fine bean. I used to party all the time in college, partied for years after it, but now my Friday nights consist of pounding a few cups of coffee and working on ideas that could lead to me becoming a millionaire or a hundred-aire. I'll settle for the former but I won't ever settle.

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Tonight is a perfect example. My neighbors hang outside with a few pints of brew before the Flyers playoff game and I'm out there with a homemade iced coffee. One neighbor asks what my fancy drink is and I say I'm getting turnt up on some beans and they laugh. I don't want to drink alcohol. I don't want to pass out early. I don't want to be unproductive. I want to be wide awake and alert all night with ideas flowing and productivity occurring.

I don't like going to bed feeling like I've accomplished nothing the entire day or night. I want to be more successful each day and wasting time partying isn't going to send a $5,000,000 check my way. Writing this article isn't either, but it's a creative outlet that let's me voice my story to the masses, even if the masses is six people. All it takes is one viral gem and your audience follows like crazy. That won't be this article because it's about drinking coffee and being productive and I used a woman's picture who isn't me - but she will get more looks than my manly self would. Is this normal for a 30+ year old?

I don't call friends anymore because I don't want to party that much. I sit home and work. Does that sound like a blast or what? It is to me. I enjoy it. I want this to pave a path to the ultimate work from home success story. Drinking at the dive bar down the street won't ever lead to that and I don't have a passion for partying like I did in college. In fact, all I did in college was work on websites and party. I went to class and passed with a 2.37 GPA. Sometimes I didn't even buy the book for the class and still passed. I could've easily been a 4.0 student but I chose to pursue real passions.

I majored in professional writing and no one hiring for that position would ever care about a GPA. In fact, I don't know anyone who has ever said "I didn't get hired because of my GPA." As long as you graduate, you're good to go. What newspaper, magazine, or website would care about my GPA? None.

The only thing that matters in a professional writing atmosphere is your skills. Can you imagine what I would've felt like in college if I tried coffee back then? I may have missed all the fun from working at my passionate income driving hobby or I could've tried crack like the junkie we always threw out of our house-parties.

I love that black magical liquid that brings out my best ideas and I'm very glad that coffee is a bit of an antioxidant. I'm hooked on it. Are you?