Amber Rose Claims She Hasn't Been Intimate in 2017

Amber Rose has taken to Instagram to publicly announce that she has not had any intimate action this year after splitting with her boyfriend, Val Chmerkovskiy, in February. Amber Rose, 33 shared a meme that said "When it’s six months into 2017 and you still haven’t been f--ked yet." then writing a caption letting her fans know that she is so busy being a business woman and a mom, that she has no time for anything more.

With her being body confident, it seems that many fans believe she constantly getting some action, but she claims to be far more busy doing everything else instead.

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The former Dancing With the Stars contestant split with boyfriend Val Chmerkovskiy in February, after dating for almost five months, and was most recently seen out with French Montana.

Celebrity Splits of 2017

Rose, who shares son Sebastian, 4, with ex-fiancé Wiz Khalifa, caused a stir on social media last week when she shared an extremely NSFW photo of herself to promote her third annual SlutWalk in October.

Amber Rose shares a 4-year-old son with her ex-boyfriend Wiz Khalifa. She recently posted a photo on social media of herself semi clothed wearing just a black bra to cover her breasts and a black fur coat, leaving some parts of her body fully exposed.

This photo was later taken down by Instagram after it violated their no-nudity policy, not that Amber Rose really minded as she hit back at her photo being taken down saying that she didn't care because everyone had hit it up already. Piers Morgan really hit it up when he shamed her for having no class.

I agree that women should be body confident, but Amber Rose was a little too confident when posting that photo to Instagram. Maybe that's why fans jump to conclusions about her being sexually active when she claims she is not.

She portrays herself online as a classless attention seeker and gives herself a bad name by flaunting her body. She lives in a world where she doesn't see how raunchy she really is, but then will likely complain when someone shames her for having no class and posting her own barely dressed pictures for everyone to see. Heck, at least get paid for it by posing for a magazine. She's not even smart enough to make money from it, she just gives it out for free, which is probably how she ended up with a baby by Wiz.

What woman puts herself in a situation where she has to make her private life public?

The barely dressed picture that Amber Rose shared on her Instagram is the kind of picture that you wouldn't want your daughter sharing. When they see a celebrity such as Amber Rose show herself in this way it gets seen by younger fans who feel it's normal to share photo's like this.

Why Amber Rose didn't feel the need to cover up her lower half is something I can not understand, especially since she is somewhat of a role model to her younger fans.

If this was my daughter and I found out she was flaunting what she had online I would not be happy. Photos like this give men the wrong impression and it seems from Amber Rose's recent outburst online and she received the wrong kind of feedback from her fans.

How would you feel if this was your daughter and you had seen a half dressed photo of her on social media?

Whether or not Amber Rose has had intimate relations in the last 6 months or not is her business The situation she put herself forced her to explain herself. No woman should have to explain herself or should ever put herself in a situation where she has to explain herself.

Sharing that nasty picture was a bad move on Amber Rose's part. Her lousy attitude towards it being taken down shows she doesn't see it being a bad thing and she clearly has no class whatsoever.

Will Amber Rose continue flaunting herself like a tramp? If so, then how will that effect her followers who see her as a role model?

ANd on that part, why would anyone think she's a role model in the first place? Euuugghhhh!

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