Opinion: America Is Spiraling Toward An E.L.E


In science, an E.L.E is defined as an “extinction level event.”  when biological conditions align themselves about every million years, a species disappears forever. 
So too in social science, the same is possible and has happened before to cultures. Our founding fathers established this nation with the goal of creating the freest and independent society, in which each generation learns from the prior and is better off than its predecessors. With our Constitution and form of republic, they managed to produce the most exceptional and unique system of government in the history of mankind.

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Such has endured from 1776 until 2008, during which people worldwide strove to come here in massive numbers to attain the benefits of the American dream.  In 2008, we began heading for an E.L.E. for America, aided and abetted by Barack Hussein Obama and his ultra-liberal urban Democrat sycophants.  For some reason, he and others who proverbially ‘kissed his butt’ respect and admire nations and concepts like communist Cuba, Kenya, the anti-Semitic Palestinians and Arab states (see nasty comments of John Kerry of late), Venezuela, B.L.M. criminals, “poverty profiteers and pimps,” the globalist / socialist UN, acceptance of trans-gender mental illness as a social norm, encouraging and registering more illiterate people to vote, illegal and “chain” immigration, national defense weakness, denigrating our national borders, higher taxes, and a welfare state.

In 2016, after eight years of an overtly racist and rancid presidency, America overwhelmingly turned to Donald Trump to try to avert the destruction and extinction of the American dream.  But it might be too late.  Many believe those Americans who despise our current form of government, flag, and society, seeking a forced redistribution of assets and a permanent group of government welfare LEECHES are ignorant and spoiled churls, having had it too good for too long.    

   • no wars on US soil
   • free public education
   • unemployment insurance
   • Medicaid
   • food stamps
   • the universal right to vote
   • freedom of travel
   • subsidized public housing
   • multi-generational welfarites
   • felon athletes and elitist wealthy actors making more than academically skilled professionals like physicians, judges, and college professors.

This may be America’s last chance to affirm the goals of our Founding Fathers before we emulate ancient Greece and Rome and disappear from the face of the Earth like the dodo bird.

If it’s not too late.