American Flags on Jeffrey Epstein's private island lowered to half-staff

Jeffrey Epstein’s private island, Little St. James, has its American flags lowered to half-staff. This was done four days after his controversial suicide which is still under investigation.

Captain Kelly Quinn, the owner of Salty Dog Day Sails, commented to NBC on about the solemnity of the sight near and far the estate. Little St. James, which the boat captain often passes, is located off the coast of St. Thomas in the U.S Virgin Islands. The captain captured images and videos of the somber sight last Wednesday night.


Captain Quinn commented “It was a real moment out there and it just felt so heavy. I didn’t feel there was a realness of the end of him [Jeffrey Epstein] until I saw that. That was a lot more literal”.

The identity of the person who lowered the two flags on the different ends of the island with its 70-acre area. However, Quinn is nearly certain that it was one of the employees still staying at Epstein’s estate.

Captain Quinn is spot on with his words, for the lowering of the islands’ flags may be an act of remembrance. The irony is, Epstein will only be remembered for his acts of deviance.


The American flag on the nearby island Epstein owns, Great St. Hames, also had an American flag flying half-staff that day.

Epstein, the disgraced US financier charged for pedophilia and sex trafficking, was found unconscious in his jail cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, on August 10 at 6:30 am.

Though law enforcement have repeatedly explained that he appears to have committed suicide, medical examiners have yet to release an official statement to end the investigation of Epstein’s death.

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Two days after the FBI agents were witnessed to have raided the island for evidence, the flags were lowered to, what looks to the public, a sign of mourning.

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