American Sniper Chris Kyle's Widow Pens Message to NFL Protesters

Military hero Chris Kyle's widow, Taya Kyle, who is an author and contributor for Fox News, took to Facebook last Tuesday, the 27th of October to voice her frustration at the NFL and its protesting players.  Since posting her open letter to the NFL, her post has received over 15,000 likes and north of 12,000 shares.  It seems Mrs. Kyle is incensed at the NFL and its players disrespecting the national anthem.

Taya Kyle's pointed out that the NFL used to be a driving force that brought people together, of all races, religions and political beliefs. Now it's dividing the country.

Mrs. Kyle calls the NFL players to action in helping build bridges in their off-season time like she does with her Chris Kyle Frog Foundation, but adds that they need to understand they will have to get off their knees to actually put in the work. Kyle noted how things were going well at the stadium as people from all walks of life showed up the stadiums to cheer or groan together as one people.  She noted how these people would all converse in the concession stand lines about their love for their football team and that now, with the divisive kneeling and blatant disrespect for the national anthem, the NFL and it's protesting players have made those moments come crashing down.

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She went on to pose a question to the NFL and its players, that did it ever occur to them that fans were already diverse and living the dream that the protesters are seemingly calling for? Kyle said that the NFL has her at a loss.  She is confused as to what the message they are fostering actually is.

She highlighted to the NFL that it seems their desire is to focus on division and anger essentially shattering what many people loved most about the sport. She added that football was actually just a metaphor for the idea world of people of diverse backgrounds coming together as one united team with a common goal, to win, together.

Taya Kyle ended her Facebook post noting that if the NFL players were not willing to get off their knees and put in some actual work toward their supposed goals, at least she can do her part in working with the Chris Kyle foundation after availing some time from raising two kids alone and trying to work through the tragic death of her hero-husband.  Her challenge was clear, if they care so much about their causes, get off their knees and get their hands dirty to affect some actual change.

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