By Frank
Posted March 13, 2017

A jury found Amish farmer, Samuel Girod, guilty of numerous federal crimes that involved the FDA and rules broken.

Girod and his family make homemade salves out of basic natural ingredients. These are natural homemade ointments made from herbs and help treat various disorders. There's no drugs in the salves, but the FDA still considered it a drug and went after the family for the incorrect labels.

That's right, the FDA had an Amish man locked up and they waited for trial, later having a jury find the man guilty.

As an Amish person, it's possible he had no idea what he was doing was wrong. They mix natural herbs and plants together to create an ointment and apparently that's highly against the law where he lives.

57 year old Samuel Girod mislabeled some of his homemade Amish herbal salves and the FDA found out and it has gone absolutely insane!

When they arrested Sam, they took his wife and little children into the yard and guarded them by an agent with a semi-automatic rifle. It is being reported that his children are still having nightmares from the ordeal.

One product at the center of the lengthy indictment is Girod’s Chickweed salve. It’s ingredients include rosemary, beeswax, olive oil.

Girod faces sentencing next week. He could spend a lot of years in prison. Hopefully, they put this non-violent offender back with his family and set him up with an FDA agent who can help him become a legit business. This was just some Amish people doing what they always do - be nice and make things. We can't hold this against him. If he does it again, then throw the books at him.

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