Amy Schumer supports BLM Police and ICE Defunding Bill

Hollywood's leftist elites are at it again and this time several of them are endorsing the stupid bills against police and ICE.

Any time celebrities get involved in politics, you should know it's probably something that has little to no impact on them and they're just frolicking around politics to keep their names in the headlines, no matter how ridiculous the bills they're endorsing truly are.

In this case, it's Amy Schumer and several others like "Anna Paquin and Connie Britton, filmmaker Ava DuVernay, and singer John Legend, among others" who are backing the BREATHE ACT, which is basically anti-police and anti-ICE.

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The goal is to take funding from police departments and move the money into social programs, education, health care, and environment initiatives.

Yes, environment initiatives, which have absolutely nothing to do with police. It's just a way for lefties to take money from the police and fund one of their nonsense programs.

If some police funding went into social programs that helped people get jobs, then that would make sense because the working man is often too busy with his job and family to be out selling crack or robbing stores. If you think about it, the people committing some of the crimes out there are people desperate for a way to make ends meet who can't get a job because they have no education... because they were raised by loser parents who didn't value education in the first place.

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Dumping money into programs to get people OFF the streets, and NOT in a jail, is a good idea - but you still need police.

Taking money away from police to fund environment programs is absolutely stupid. What are people going to do, call the ozone layer when their store is being robbed? Does anyone else see how iditotic it would be to take money away from police for the environment?

"The “Breathe Act” – clearly taking its name from some of George Floyd’s last words as he died at the hands of a police officer in May –  was created by Movement 4 Black Lives, a political coalition consisting of groups like Marxist radical outfit Black Lives Matter and Color For Change.

Movement 4 Black Lives unveiled the bill on July 7, posting its main provisions online, which include getting rid of "police, prisons, and all punishment paradigms." As the image Schumer shared on Twitter indicated, “The BREATHE Act defunds the police and divests from incarceration, meaningfully invests in Black and Brown communities, holds politicians accountable & reimagines public safety." (Newsbusters)

Social programs are good, but we still need police for all the crimes committed by people who don't want to be better people.

There will always be crime, and therefore there should always be police.

After seeing all the damage from riots, I think we need more money for police.

What'cha think about that?

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