Analysis: Jeffrey Epstein dead while on Suicide watch 24/7 – what happened?

[“You were sexually trafficked to foreign presidents?”, one of Epstein's victims, Virginia Giuffre was asked in the deposition, according to the documents released in Epstein's case just a few days ago, on Friday, 9th of August. And these recently released documents are just the tip of the iceberg in Epstein's case. A day later after the release of documents, Epstein was found dead in his prison cell in New York. He hanged himself. And how it was even possible that it happened?

Epstein was "a special prisoner", that should be watched 24/7. And how a person that is such "special prisoner", famous offender, with lots of "interesting" connections to wealthy and famous people, can succeed in committing suicide (regardless if he did it by himself, or someone "helped" him)? Do things in the USA really work that way? Like in some third-world corrupted countries, where justice is a joke?

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New facts start to emerge about Epstein's death. Washington Post just reported recently that on the day when Epstein was found dead, the guards didn't look upon him every 30 minutes like they should. They left him unwatched for hours. And this time was enough to find him later lifeless in a prison cell.

So, the "suicide-watch" didn't work as it should be. The supposed reason for this? Prison's staff says that the guards were overworked, some of them working for days without sleep. If that's an explanation, of course. I'm pretty sure that if someone or ANYONE,  REALLY wanted to hear what Epstein knew, and REALLY wanted to put him accountable for the things that he did, such thing simply couldn't happen. Overworked guards?

There is also another "mystery" and "strange coincidence" connected to Epstein's death. He had a cellmate for weeks. And the day before Epstein's death, his cellmate gets removed, and Epstein stays alone. Even bigger possibility to "commit suicide" or be murdered. Another check on him that was just off.

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In the prison where Epstein was "housed", there are some special cells with cameras that point to the inside of the cell. Of course, Epstein was not in one of these, and the moment of his death was not recorded. He was simply in a cell where cameras just monitor people leaving and entering the cell. And nothing was recorded on these, according to the prison's staff.

DailyMail wrote, that they got contacted by the "insider" that saw Epstein few times before his death. According to this source, Epstein was convinced that someone is going to kill him. He even said that to prison guards and fellow inmates.

"The insider", DailyMail's source, also said that overall "Epstein was in good spirits," and "there was no indication that he might try to take his own life." The source also added, that from what he/she saw, Epstein "was finally starting to adjust to prison," being "comforted by the rigidity of his new life."

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