Man claims Andy Dick grabbed his genitals and that's why he knocked him out

"I had a reason to do this," says a man arrested for punching Andy Dick outside New Orleans club. David Hale, the attacker, says that he just retaliated after the comedian touched his genitals after the show.

"Hale claims he had watched Dick perform at One Eyed Jacks and was saying goodbye to him when Dick grabbed Hale’s genitals," says the NOLA police. Hale's hits were strong and accurate: Dick hit a motorcycle standing outside, and struck his head on the pavement.

"We thought he was dead. Then, when he did get up, he thought he was in LA. He was unresponsive, his eyes were swimming in his head and it was really bad," said Dick's tour manager Robert Couvillion.


One of the artists that also performed that night in the club, a guitarist Paris Dylan, said that he was grateful that "the NOLA police were able to act so swiftly and catch the assailant."

Hale was jailed on second-degree battery and simple battery. The first charge is much serious and it can carry up to eight years in prison.

Andy Dick is a famous comedian and also a very controversial person, well-known for his eccentric behavior, drug addiction and deviant misconduct.


He was also arrested few times, not only for drug possession but also for exposing himself to various people in various cases.

In 2007, on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, he grabbed Ivanka's Trump legs and was ejected by force from the studio. There were also numerous cases when people could see him intoxicated and behaving oddly, like exposing himself, groping people or urinating in public places.

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