A widow recently met the man who wore her husbands face. It was a strange and bizarre moment in scientific history, but it was humbling, unforgettable, and magical as well. Her husband had passed away and his face was used in a facial transplant surgery received by Andy Sandness. The topic is so intriguingly controversial, but it's a remarkable step in progressive science that is making strides and giving people a new chance at life.

While it sure is life changing on the receiving end, it is a tough call to make for those who have had to say goodbye to their loved one. Putting some facts on the table, the truth is that even if you donate your loved one face's, the tissue will look nothing like your relative due to the receptor's own facial structure. Making such a difficult choice can be extremely rewarding! If you don't believe it, don't miss this story!

Ten years ago, Andy Sandness, now 32, attempted to kill himself by shooting a rifle placed under his chin. As a result of the unsuccessful attempt, his face was permanently scarred and disfigured, making him live for years with a terrible living memento of his moment of despair that resulted in his seclusion.

It was thanks to the generosity of Lilly Ross, 19, the young widow of Calen Ross, who ironically enough had successfully shot himself ten years after Sandness' attempt, that Andy could finally recover his face! 

When Lilly's husband passed away, she had already agreed to organ donation: His lungs and kidneys were already on their way when the doctors suggested the idea of donating Calen's facial tissue. There was a man in Wyoming who was the perfect receiver for the face that Calen would need no more. 

Ross' widow agreed to the donation and a brilliant crew of doctors at the Mayo clinic put their skills together to give Sandness a new face. The surgery took 56 hours and ended up with the reconstruction of Andy's face, giving him a new opportunity. 

Sandness has been giving a new chance, and he couldn't wait to meet the woman that had made it possible! The meeting was filled with emotions, the young widow declared that she didn't feel quite ready, but the moment she saw the man she had given a new face to, she knew she had done the right thing. 

On his end, Sandness wanted to let Ross know that her gift would not be wasted. Both of them spent a while together and Lilly got to touch once again the face that had belonged to the man she loved. Since then, they have been in touch and Lilly considers Sandness a new addition to her family.

A loving gesture that shows how a difficult decision can bring indescribable joy and how a tragedy can be transformed in hope.

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