Angry Bagel Guy says wild viral video helped him with the ladies

The so-called 'Angry Bagel Guy' Chris Morgan, 45,  became an overnight Internet sensation because of his viral video about dating online, which resulted in a brawl. Even though he was on the receiving end, Morgan said to NY Post that this incident had some positives and went to explain the situation in details.

As he claims, everything started as he was invited for a free bagel at Bagel Boss, but then inexplicably, he began to yell about dating sites and how unlucky he is with ladies. He screamed about women who refused to even talk to him or were telling him to die, only because he is five feet tall.


As he wouldn't stop his rant, another customer tackled him after he asked a person to step outside for a fight. Morgan will press charges against the man who is not yet identified, but bagel shop owners told him he is not welcome anymore, and that he was never offered a freebie.

Morgan is living in his van for the moment, but he is more positive about life and dating, as everyone is trying to reach him now. He explained to the journalists that he had so many messages from strangers that he is still not able to get back to his friends.

Even better, many ladies are now flirting with him, as he has a hard time to fit them all in his schedule. Still, that's much better than being rejected all the time!


Apart from suing the man who attacked him, Morgan hasn't talked about his plans, but there is no doubt that his new found glory will help him not only with women but also to grow his cleaning business.

He'll have to act quickly, as Internet fame doesn't last long!

He's also still short.

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