Ann Coulter recently came out with a seething call to have every single last Dreamer deported. Coulter spoke to Breitbart Editor in Chief Alexander Marlow on Christmas and wanted it to be known her stance on the whole immigration situation which is once again in the headlines.

Coulter said that while she was fond of illegal immigrants in general, it's the DREAMers that she cannot accept.  She reasoned that is because they are the ones protesting actively, going to governmental offices throwing tantrums demanding amnesty.  She even went so far as to say they are downright 'heinous' and by acting like how she feels they act, she cannot think of anyone who would not want them deported.

Of course, Coulter's hardline views are counter to a significant part of the American population's views.  In fact, her views go against even the most vocal hardliners of the conservatives she is most closely aligned with.  She likes to take things to the next level.

Trump claimed that there was most undoubtedly legislative maneuverability to ensure that DREAMers can stay here, but that most likely means a deal for the Trump wall to be built.

Coulter expressed her discontent with President Trump with her disgust over not having a wall built.  Trump may not be pleased the wall is not built yet, but he's working hard to ensure it comes to fruition.

During the interview, Coulter also took shots at the Republican party for allowing a law that gives tax breaks to hedge funds to stay in place.

The so-called 'carried interest provision' allows hedge fund managers to pay a discounted tax rate on their investment profits.  This is something that Trump said he would eliminate during his 2016 presidential campaign.

As it turns out, while the fund managers are paying fewer taxes on their returns, access to these assets will be after three years.  The provision previously only held their assets for one year.  This part of the rule was changed to give the appearance of an attempt at balancing things.

Republicans at the forefront of this provision say that when it's all said and done, how much the fund managers bring home does not affect them negatively.  They say, in fact, the average American will see a tax cut of over $2,000 a year with this version of the tax bill.

The proposed tax bill in its entirety is said to be designed to make America competitive worldwide for the first time in 31 years, and that should be what Americans are focused on.

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